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josh rosebrook | herbal infusion oil

kimberlyloc reviews Josh Rosebrook’s Herbal Infusion Oil, an all-in-one oil cleanser, makeup remover and facial treatment made with rich plant oils and active botanicals.

me & the girls | bar beleza multi-use beauty bar

kimberlyloc reviews Me & The Girls’ Bar Beleza Multi-Use Beauty Bar, a twist-up stick all-purpose face balm made of organic cupuacu seed butter, organic cocoa butter, organic tamanu oil, organic coconut oil and vitamin E.

corpa flora | beaute divine camellia facial cleansing oil

kimberlyloc reviews Corpa Flora’s Beaute Divine Camellia Facial Cleansing Oil, a lightweight, moisturizing cleansing oil made with camellia oil, sunflower oil and other natural ingredients.

snowberry | soothing facial massage oil

kimberlyloc reviews Snowberry’s Soothing Facial Massage Oil, a blue, slippery oil ideal for sensitive and dry skin.

beauty scoop | roots rose radish citrus face oil cleanser

kimberlyloc revies Roots Rose Radish Citrus Face Oil Cleanser, an oil cleanser made from castor oil, jojoba oil, tangerine oil, grapefruit oil and lemon oil.