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makeup application by reveau salon and spa

With summer almost here, some of the best boutiques in Kansas City are stocking their stores with lightweight, beautiful clothing.

Last night, Jess, Terra, Rachelle and I hung out at the Dress to Impress Fashion Show, a benefit for the Dave Anders Scholarship Fund. (See Jess’ post here!)

As usual, I hung around with the models and beauty people as they got prettied up for the show.

makeup application by reveau salon and spa

{The models wore makeup by NYC, Dior and Clarins.}

The beauty gurus from Reveu Salon and Spa did the hair and makeup, and the looks varied from tight curls and braids to sleek manes. The makeup was fresh and dewy, with sky-high lashes for a touch of glam.

long eyelashes backstage beauty dress to impress

{Loving her fresh, just-pinched cheeks and long lashes.}

braiding hair backstage beauty dress to impress

{Love the tight braids and tough hair designs.}

finishing touches on hair backstage beauty dress to impress

{Soft curls and sweet coral lips keep the look summery.}

backstage hair dress to impress

{Lots of locks to play with before the show.}

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