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christian toscano roots rose radish

The way Christian Toscano describes her favorite beauty products reminds me of how my close girlfriends and I gab about the latest and greatest finds on the market.

With such joy and enthusiasm in finding natural products that work, the Roots Rose Radish founder has me convinced that I need to re-think my monthly feminine care choices, scrape my tongue more often and give vetiver a chance.

christian toscano roots rose radish

{Roots Rose Radish founder Christian Toscano shares her natural beauty picks with Photo Courtesy Christian Toscano}

An herbalist based in Los Angeles, Christian practices Western Clinical Herbalism while allowing Ayurvedic traditions, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Folk Herbalism to influence her practice.

Besides providing healing medicines for health issues, she also creates skin care from wildcrafted ingredients (including this lovely oil cleanser I recently reviewed) and packaged in gorgeous, simple glassware that looks stunning on your vanity.

Speaking of vanity, Christian fills her own healing area with the following health and natural beauty products.

christian toscano roots rose radish natural beauty buff

{Christian Toscano’s natural beauty products picks range from health and skin care products to luxury items such as perfume and nail polish. Photo Courtesy Christian Toscano}

As usual, I’ve starred the products I also use and love!

*1. Now Tea Tree Oil

“One hundred perfect pure, this is a product I can’t imagine living without! I keep it in my medicine cabinet and use it on blemishes, cuts and scrapes. It is my favorite thing for hormonal pimple control!”

2. Diva Cup

“Ladies, this is the most important thing that I wish every women knew about! It is a silicon cup that you insert during your menstrual time, and it catches the blood. You simply empty and wash it out once it gets full — 1-2 times a day depending on your flow. I have never had a spill, and you don’t feel it when it is inside you. Best of all, it is completely re-usable and doesn’t contain bleach (which most non-organic tampons and pads contain and have been linked to ovarian cancer and other female reproductive issues). [The Diva Cup] doesn’t absorb or disturb the delicate tissues of the vaginal walls. Best of all, it is a one-time purchase. I wish this was taught in school, and I tell every woman I know. Once you go Diva, you never go back! I keep this in my bag around my cycle, and it is so lightweight you don’t even notice it.”

3. Rose Face Oil by Roots Rose Radish

“I am a sucker for anything Rose damascena, which is why I designed this formula in combination with 12 luxurious oils. It also has St. John’s Wort oil, which has natural SPF qualities, so I like to use it under my day cream and by itself as a night treatment. You can also use it on a cotton ball to remove eye makeup. This is the one thing I make sure to take traveling as it covers all my bases and lives in my medicine cabinet when I am home.”

4. Dr. Hauschka Black Mascara

“I don’t wear too much makeup, mainly just a lipstick and mascara, leaving my skin to breathe. This is one of my staples that I make sure to put on everyday. Downside: You have to apply in multiple layers to get a thick look, and it flakes off at the end of the day. Upside: It is easy to remove and 100 percent nontoxic. This is the best natural mascara I have tried.”

5. Preserve Tongue Cleaner

“I use this every night after I brush my teeth. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, they study the coating on the tongue as a diagnostic tool to indicate how the systems of the body are functioning. It helps to detox the body and makes sure your breath is always sweet. Plus, it is made from 100 percent recycled yogurt cups. You can mail it back for free (postage included), and they will recycle it for you!”

6. HIPP X RGB Nude Nail Tints

“I absolutely adore these skin tone “clean” nail colors. You can layer on the different tones in a variety of ways, and they are free of all the toxic ingredients. They come with a two tints and a primer. Super chic!”

7. Vetiver & Lemongrass Solid Perfume by Roots Rose Radish

“This is my favorite winter into spring transitional scent. In California, winter is the height of when citrus is produced, and the vetiver keeps me happily grounded. It is best for closet hippies like myself and so pretty I keep one in my purse so I can freshen up anytime.”

8. Rose Lip Balm by Roots Rose Radish

“I formulated this to use as a lip tint or as a base under a heavier pigmented lipstick. I like to use it under any vibrant red! This lives in my purse at all times—L.A. is so dry, and this keeps my lips moisturized and pink.” may include affiliate links to featured products. Not all product links are affiliate links. If you make a purchase from an affiliate link, earns a small commission.

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