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organic olive oil

Dress your skin with a light layer of extra virgin olive oil at bedtime to deliver maximum hydration and important nutrients to your skin as it repairs itself overnight.

Olive oil is rich in vitamins K and E. Vitamin K helps reduce dark circles and bruises, according to 2002 research published in the Journal of American Academy of Dermatology. Vitamin E offers protection against photoaging from time spent out in the sun.

Because olive oil has a thicker consistency than most facial oils, it only takes a small amount — think a dime-sized dollop — to moisturize and heal the face.

At less than $2 per fluid ounce, you can probably afford to add a little oil to your face on nights when you feel like your skin needs some special attention.

Olive oil is also the perfect starter oil for the oil cleansing method, so consider scooping up an extra bottle of EVOO to store on your bathroom vanity.

organic olive oil

{If you can, choose certified organic olive oil to give your skin the cleanest, purest shot of moisture and nutrients. Photo Courtesy}

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