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organic india tulsi tea

Topical beauty can only get us so far.

No matter how many products you use, if you aren’t supporting your beauty from within — a nutrient-dense diet and maximum hydration coupled with ample sleep and sweat — you’re doing it wrong.

Small steps can get you to that glow. One pathway to pretty is through organic herbal teas. The perfect blend can help relieve stress, protect your immune system and enchant your senses with the aromas of nature’s most beautiful herbs and flowers.

organic india tulsi tea

{Organic India sent me samples of its Tulsi tea to review. Prices range from $4.49 to $5.99 per box for 18 certified organic infusion bags.}

Lina Hanson, founder of Lina Hanson Global Beauty, told me in an interview that she loves holy basil, or tulsi tea, to supplement her daily hydration plan. Tulsi is lovingly called the “Queen of Herbs” and is held as a sacred plant in India, offering a wealth of benefits to both mind and body.

I took Lina’s recommendation to heart and searched out some of the best brands offering organic holy basil tea. Organic India came up in my search, and I was impressed at the variety — 18 different kinds! — of tulsi tea they offered.

Of course, when I saw they offered jasmine tulsi tea, it was over. Welcome to the eighth feature in my #12DaysOfJasmine series.

organic india jasmine tulsi tea

Calming chamomile and fragrant jasmine flowers join the beloved and powerful tulsi to create the most beautiful caffeine-free tea that is perfect to sip in the afternoon or evening when you need a little zen in your life.

Tulsi, a principle herb of Ayurveda, is an adaptogenic herb that can help the body better handle stress. This is wonderful for the mind, but also for the body, as more stressors in life tend to manifest on the face — breakouts, flushing, you name it.

Organic India’s Jasmine Tulsi Tea contains a blend of the three main varieties of tulsi: Rama, Krishna and Vana. Each type has a distinct taste (think medicinal, cooling and foresty), yet blended together with hints of jasmine and chamomile, you get a very soft, beautifully floral tea that is easy to integrate into your diet.

This is a tea I like to keep stashed at work to help bring my stress levels down and to bring that jasmine experience usually reserved for my personal care time at home into my office.

If I need a little bit more from my tea during the day (hi, caffeine), I boost with green tea to continue to get the antioxidants but with a tiny shot of power. (Lina also recommends this method to help get your fluids in for the day!)

Jasmine green teas are also available, and I have my eye on Organic India’s Jasmine Green Tulsi Tea — talk about packed with all the good stuff!

In addition to Organic India’s Jasmine Tulsi Tea, I’m also taken by the delicate flavor behind its Sweet Rose Tulsi Tea. There’s nothing more beautiful than a rose, and to enjoy it in this way is nothing short of indulgent.

With a strong tea collection for internal beauty support, I’d be amiss to mention that you can also use your teabags on a second or third steeping to create wonderful toning waters for various uses, such as misting your skin or mixing up powder masks. Why use just water when you can infuse your beauty masks with even more goodness?

I’m excited to be able to bring you jasmine addicts yet another way to enjoy this beautiful flower — and in the company of such powerful herbs that can help our moods and tickle our tastebuds! I’m sure there are plenty other great jasmine teas out there — have any to share? Tell me in the comments! may include affiliate links to featured products. Not all product links are affiliate links. If you make a purchase from an affiliate link, earns a small commission.

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