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As a brown-eyed girl, I get pretty comfortable with my palette of eye shadows in various neutral and golden tones. It’s easy, straightforward and no-fuss — but it can get a bit boring day after day.

tarte lipsurgence fever

{Red lips and gold eye shadow = instant holiday glamour. But what if my eye shadow were emerald green or sparkling amethyst? Total glamazon. Photo by the Teacher Man}

To pump it up a bit (hello, holiday parties!), I step outside my comfort zone and paint my lids in gorgeous gem tones that really make my eyes pop.

When I’m feeling really adventurous, I’ve been known to don green colored contacts. It causes people to do a double take and amps up the exotic factor (hey, I’m half Scottish, so of course it’s absolutely feasible for me to have green eyes!).

Here’s my favorite eye shadow colors to wear when I’m sporting au naturel eyes as well as exotic eye colors thanks to the big selection from 1-800-Contacts.

(I’ve been known to sport various shades of green, while one of my best friends, Jennifer, obsesses over turquoise and violet colored contact lenses — talk about exotic!)

Best Eye Shadow Colors for Brown Eyes

eye shadow colors for brown eyes

Us brown-eyed beauties really have our pick of the color wheel. While pretty much anything goes for us, coppers and golds bring out those flecks of colors in our irises, while navy and purple help our peepers pop without looking too harsh.

Currently Craving: Nvey Eco Creative Eye Color System in No. 6

Best Eye Shadow Colors for Green Eyes

eye shadow colors for green eyes\

When I’m a little green-eyed monster, I like wearing deep, contrasting eyeshadow colors such as violet and chocolate brown to add depth and interest to my eyes. Safe bets are the always versatile copper and gold, but with eyes such a striking shade, why not play them up?

Currently Craving: Vapour Organic Beauty Mesmerize Eye Shimmer in Ember, Lyric and Seduce

Best Eye Shadow Colors for Blue Eyes

eye shadow colors for blue eyes

I’ve never worn blue colored contacts before (I’m just not sure if I can get away with it!), but I’ve always been drawn to ocean-colored eyes. I’d play up big blue eyes with natural earth tones that allow the blue to be the star, or pretty plum and mauve colors that complement the pretty blues.

Currently Craving: Sunday Riley Eye Shadow in Camille, Fool’s Gold and Josephine

Best Eye Shadow Colors for Gray Eyes

eye shadow colors for gray eyes

Gray is such an intriguing (and rare!) eye color. To play up sultry gray eyes, I’d use shades of navy, eggplant and chocolate brown to create drama and depth — and to bring out the natural blue and brown undertones in these mysterious eyes. Gray colored contacts are next on my list of colors to try from 1-800-Contacts — I think it would be subtle yet oh-so-chic!

Currently Craving: Kjaer Weis Eye Shadow in Pretty Purple, Wisdom and Blue Wonder

Best Eye Shadow Colors for Hazel Eyes

eye shadow colors for hazel eyes

I’ve always been envious of people with this perfect mix of brown-green-gold eyes. The depth and complexity in their eye color is just stunning, and most eyeshadow colors can play up or play down the different shades. My favorite eyeshadow colors for hazel eyes include gold, copper, jade and violet — but I’d apply them in an artful mix of at least two of these shades at a time to really give the eyes some power.

Currently Craving: Tarte Cosmetics bambeautiful Amazonian Clay Eye Shadow Palette in Sew the Seeds

Ladies, whether you wear colored contacts or go au naturel, there’s got to be at least one reader per eye color who can offer up some more eye shadow color tips!

What eye shadow colors are your favorite to wear? Do you ever experiment with colored contacts? Tell me your tips in the comments section!

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