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me and the girls bar beleza multi use beauty bar

This past month, I had four weekends of back-to-back travel — some for quick jaunts to see friends and one big trip for work — and I had to seriously up my packing game.

You guys, I did carry-on only every single trip.

Now I won’t say that this is all because I figured out how to pare down my TSA-approved beauty bag, but it did make a difference not having to lug additional beauty oils in a checked bag!

One easy swap I made was leaving behind my travel-sized jojoba oil (for oil cleansing) and replacing it with Me & The Girls Bar Beleza Multi-Use Beauty Bar.

This little tube of cupuacu and cocoa butter is a game changer for all you jetsetting oil cleansers out there!

me and the girls bar beleza multi use beauty bar

{Me & The Girls sent me a sample of Bar Beleza to review. It costs $42 for a 1.5-ounce twist-up stick.}

Me & The Girls Bar Beleza Multi-Use Beauty Bar can be used as a light face balm, but I find it the most powerful and absolutely essential in my beauty routine as a travel-sized balm-to-oil cleanser.

The twist-up packaging and large applicator size (about an inch wide) makes it fun and easy to roll over the face, going up and down the T-zone and then circling it into the cheeks.

The firm cupuacu and cocoa butter formula melts slowly into the warmth of your skin, but doesn’t drip down your face at all the way some oil cleansers and carrier oils can when you’re doing more traditional oil cleanses.

me and the girls bar beleza multi use beauty bar

You’re then able to massage the thin layer of butters and oils into your skin to dissolve makeup and prep your skin for a fresh cleanse — all without taking up any space in your precious quart-sized, TSA-approved baggie.

Here’s the full ingredients list:

Theobroma Grandiflorum (Cupuacu Seed Butter)*, Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa Butter)*, Calophyllum Inophyllum (Tamanu Oil)*, Organic Cocos Nucifera (Virgin Coconut Oil)*, Vitamin E – Tocopherol

*99% NOP-certified organic ingredients

The short, sweet ingredients list is compatible with both my skin and my oil cleansing skin care philosophy, but of course I do know there are many of you out there who are sensitive to coconut oil.

Perhaps Me & The Girls will consider making a version of Bar Beleza sans coconut oil (and maybe replace it with beeswax or, to keep it vegan-friendly, caranuba wax?). Just a thought!

Another thought: Because I only use my Bar Beleza for makeup removal — and choose to apply it straight from the applicator to my skin — it’s worth noting that it can get a bit grubby (because, um, it’s removing my makeup!).

If you truly want to take advantage of it as a multi-use bar (for moisturizing your face or even using on your lips), I would recommend applying it to clean hands and then massaging your face. If you’re very particular, you can also swipe the top of it with alcohol after each use.

I’ll be getting more use out of my beloved Bar Beleza this week, as I pack up for another round of jet-setting. You can bet I’m going to strive for another carry-on only trip (thanks, Me & The Girls!).

Do you pack your cleansing oils into your TSA liquids baggie? What do you always take on the plane? What do you leave behind? Have you tried Bar Beleza? Tell me in the comments section! may include affiliate links to featured products. Not all product links are affiliate links. If you make a purchase from an affiliate link, earns a small commission.

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