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amayori | botanical perfume oil

In the ninth installment of the #12DaysOfJasmine series, kimberlyloc reviews Amayori’s Botanical Perfume Oil in “Geisha,” an aromatherapy perfume blend made with camellia, bergamot, jasmine, yellow mandarin and rosemary.

true botanicals | noble floral solid perfume

In the fifth installment of “12 Days of Jasmine,” kimberlyloc reviews True Botanicals’ stunning new solid perfume in “Noble Floral,” a blend of jasmine, rose and tuberose.

natural perfumes for the floral, spice and woods lover

kimberlyloc shares her favorite natural perfumes that have floral, spice and wood notes.

guest post | beauty scoop | lotus wei perfume sampler

Natural beauty blogger Dawn Grimes of Turby and John shares her reviews of Lotus Wei Transformative Perfumes after winning them in a “free stuff friday” giveaway on