holiday 2011 | butter london fairy lights and the black knight

butter london fairy lights

Now that we’re halfway through the holidays, you can remove your bright red and green nail polish and dip your fingers into something a little more festive.

On Christmas day, I had my sister-in-law paint my formerly red nails with a couple of nail lacquers from butter London’s holiday 2011 collection. Two layers later, all 10 fingernails were a liquid-metal lavender, aka “Fairy Lights.”

butter london fairy lights

{A silvery-lavender, butter London's "Fairy Lights" is named for what the English call small white Christmas tree lights. Photo Courtesy butter London}

This polish went on a bit thick for some reason. I’ve tested other butter London polishes before with no problem, so I’m wondering if maybe I got a lemon. Though my sister-in-law had a bit of trouble giving me a perfect mani, I still admired this color.

To toughen it up a bit, I had her add a couple coats of “The Black Knight” to my ring fingers. Though she and my brother thought it was weird to have just one nail painted with glittery polish, we know better, right? :)

butter london the black knight

{"The Black Knight" from butter London is an edgy black polish with flashes of black, pink, blue and silver glitter. Photo Courtesy butter London}

It may not be the perfect mani, but it sure was a fun look! I’m contemplating going all-Black Knight for New Year’s Eve. What do you think?

butter london the black knight and fairy lights

{I think "Fairy Lights" will carry over easily into spring, and "The Black Knight" is just too fun to not wear year-round.}

What color are you going to paint your nails for New Year’s Eve? Does anybody still have a bottle of last year’s oh-so-popular Sparkle-icious? may include affiliate links to featured products. Not all product links are affiliate links. If you make a purchase from an affiliate link, earns a small commission.

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