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amayori botanical perfume oil in geisha

While I’ve found my favorite, beloved natural perfume, I have a little leeway to experiment with scents because of the fabulous aromatherapy category.

And wow has this category gotten even more sophisticated. Many aromatherapy oils are becoming more complex — beyond the single- or double-note rollers typical to the market — that they have by default invented a new category of “aromatherapy perfumes.”

My introduction to this in-between category that’s perfect for layering scents and inspiring calm is thanks to Amayori and its Aromatherapy Botanical Perfume Oils. Of course, my oil of choice is Geisha, which includes jasmine oil — hello, ninth post in #12DaysOfJasmine!

amayori botanical perfume oil in geisha

{Amayori sent me a sample of its Botanical Perfume Oil in Geisha. It costs $45 for a 0.35-ounce roller ball.}

In a base of beautiful camellia oil, Amayori’s Botanical Perfume Oil in “Geisha” evokes the feminine, exotic and subtle sexiness that reflects the allure of its namesake, the geisha.

Amayori Botanical Perfume Oil in “Geisha” brings together an interesting combination of sultry and bright scents — think jasmine and yellow mandarin peel — for a happy-scented aromatherapy perfume oil that offers a brightness to your day without being a complete shock to the senses (citrus scents can do that to my nose).

Throughout the day, I like to roll this oil onto my pulse points — particularly my inner wrists and the back of my neck — to reinvigorate my day with beauty and cheerfulness.

Amayori Botanical Perfume Oil in “Geisha” is something I like to keep in my cosmetics bag to touch up throughout the day, as the scent is not too powerful to overwhelm my coworkers, but just enough to inspire sweetness and beauty in my workday.

amayori botanical perfume oil in geisha

Here’s the full ingredients list:

Camellia Oil, Citrus bergamia (Bergamot) Oil, Jasmine Grandiflorum (Jasmine) Oil, Citrus reticulata (Yellow Mandarin Peel) Oil, 100% Natural Essential Oil Blend, Rosemary CO2 Extract

Though Amayori doesn’t use certified organic ingredients (yet), its natural approach to aromatherapy is commendable. Each blend is designed “to stir the emotions and awaken the senses,” and that has been my experience in using the “Geisha” oil.

Amayori also presents sophisticated scent stories in its collection (I also have my eye on the “Onsen” scent, which brings together Japanese cypress wood with jasmine) for the woman who is searching for something truly special.

I’m excited to see more from Amayori; keep this emerging natural beauty brand on your radar. I’d repurchase this roller oil, and scoop up the “Onsen” ritual while I’m at it.

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