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I’m the kind of girl who keeps happy juice (in the form of aromatherapy and caffeine) on her desk year-round.

Though tension-relieving peppermint is a staple, in the darker days of winter, I make an extra effort to keep something bright and sunny-smelling within reach.

Enter Lotus Wei’s amazing collection of transformative perfumes.

When I worked with Lotus Wei founder Katie Hess on her fun “natural beauty buff” feature, we talked a bit about aromatherapy and the power of pure flower essences and essential oils.

I told her I was drawn to the Pink Magnolia, Jade Succulent and African Daisy flowers shown on her homepage, and she matched me up with corresponding perfumes in Infinite Love, Pure Energy and Joy Juice to meet my mind and body’s needs.

Lotus Wei Infinite Love Transformative Perfume

infinite love lotus wei transformative perfume

{Lotus Wei sent me a sample of its Infinite Love Transformative Perfume. A 10 ml glass spray bottle costs $45. Photo Courtesy Lotus Wei.}

Infinite Love may be my favorite of the three perfumes I tested. It has a sweet aroma of roses and honey, and upon spritzing it, I immediately feel calm yet sexy. It’s a scent that I think is universally appealing; it has citrus undertones (thanks to red mandarin and lemongrass) and a balancing sweetness that just smells good.

Check out the ingredients:

Organic grape alcohol, essential oils of organic red mandarin,  organic rose geranium, monarda, lemongrass, rose absolute, rose wax, beeswax absolute, hand-collected flower essences of Hong Kong orchid, fireweed, pink magnolia, hawkweed, lotus and gem essence of pink tourmaline.

Infinite Love is definitely on my to-purchase list, and I highly recommend it! (The teacher man approves, too!)

Lotus Wei Joy Juice Transformative Perfume

lotus wei joy juice transformative perfume

{Lotus Wei sent me a sample of its Joy Juice Transformative Perfume. A 10 ml glass spray bottle costs $45. Photo Courtesy Lotus Wei.}

Ahh, Joy Juice. This baby is a deskside staple.

As mentioned earlier, I’m the coworker who gets smelly (in a good way, I’m told) in the afternoon. Instead of reaching for a soda or another cup of coffee (OK, I’m guilty of this sometimes — but tea is making a big comeback in my office life!), I spray Joy Juice in my area to cheer myself up after a tough meeting or to just reawaken my senses — Joy Juice isn’t just for bad days!

Joy Juice has a sweet, fruity aroma with, again, citrus undertones, but is particularly different from Infinite Love. It’s less rosy-smelling and more citrus-infused, and also has a hint of berry to it.

Check out the ingredients:

Organic grape alcohol, essential oils of organic sweet orange, organic blood orange, organic davana, rosewood, organic tagetes, organic lime, hand-collected flower essences of pink spirea, birdsfoot lotus, chocolate flower, African daisy, lotus, and gem essence of red garnet

I can’t imagine my desk without a bottle of Joy Juice ever again. Another one for the to-purchase list!

Lotus Wei Pure Energy Transformative Perfume

lotus wei pure energy transformative perfume

{Lotus Wei sent me a sample of its Pure Energy Transformative Perfume. A 10 ml glass spray bottle costs $45. Photo Courtesy Lotus Wei.}

I love everything about Pure Energy — on paper.

It’s meant for us technology-tied people who are constantly connected and then experience that crazy crash due to overextending ourselves. Instead of taking a shot of espresso, a spray of Pure Energy is supposed to revitalize you.

And while this peppery, cinnamon scent is definitely energizing, it just didn’t do wonders for me the way Infinite Love and Joy Juice did.

I just wasn’t able to connect with this scent as strongly as I did the other two, but I’m wondering if I need to use it in a different situation: pre-yoga class, first thing out of the shower or right before I leave for lunch and am away from the computer for an hour.

The high notes in this perfume include grapefruit, coffee, black pepper and cinnamon, but somehow, when I smell it, I get a strong sense of ginger and pepper — it’s just a little too spicy for me!

Check out the ingredients:

Organic grape alcohol, essential oils of organic grapefruit, organic cinnamon, coffee, organic black pepper, hand-collected flower essences of pomegranate, yarrow, red clover, jade succulent, lotus and gem essence of black tourmaline

I’m glad I got to try Pure Energy. I’ll throw it into my yoga bag in prep for Thursday’s class and see if I respond differently to it then.

Final Verdict

I’m absolutely in love with Lotus Wei Transformative Perfumes. They’re taking me in the right direction when it comes to going all-natural with fragrances. The additional benefit of true aromatherapy makes me feel happier and prettier — yes, scent is that strong!

In addition to restocking Joy Juice and Infinite Love, I’m also eyeing Inner Peace and Quiet Mind.

Inner Peace seems like it would be perfect to spritz on right before taking Savasana during yoga (preferably during private practice so as not to infringe on my neighbor’s nose or conflict with possible incense in my yoga studio).

Quiet Mind, of course, looks like a lovely scent for my bedtime ritual (kind of like Sophie’s bedtime ritual!)

I’ll probably stick to using either Lotus Wei perfumes or energy mists because I tend to be better about spraying aromatherapy products rather than dabbing them on in serum or rollerball form.

The choice is entirely up to you when it comes to the “how” you experience Lotus Wei — and if you haven’t, I encourage you to give it a try! Katie makes great mini-collections of the serums and mists, and the new perfume sampler seems like a no-brainer!

What Lotus Wei scents (or flowers!) are you drawn to most? Tell me what piques your interest in the comments section (and remember, your comments count toward figuring out what sort of giveaway I plan with Lotus Wei!).


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