the ultimate guide to natural deodorants

A funny thing happens when you go on the search for the best natural deodorant.

No, you don’t automatically start smelling better.

You do, however, start realizing all the options on the market.

best natural deodorant

Since I began my quest for the best natural deodorant, I’ve been fortunate to have companies send me their miracle in a bottle / tube / can / roller for my true, sweaty girl feedback.

I’ve noted these deodorants with an asterisk* in the write-ups below.

(I’ve also shelled out plenty of my own money in the search to be stink-free.)

This post will be a living, breathing, sweating document of the mini and full reviews of the hits and misses along the natural deodorant road; I hope it helps you uncover your holy grail of aluminum-free, natural deodorant!

To recap, I’m extremely sweaty, stinky and could rival a middle school boys’ locker room at the end of the day.

My deodorants go through my typical day (8 a.m commute to work, full work day, arrival home by 6 p.m.) and are often put through a sweaty 1.5-hour Ashtanga challenge to see how they perform in high-humidity and sweaty situations.

I always reapply deodorant before working out or going out, so for a deodorant to pass my “all-day” test, it needs to last from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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best natural deodorant

Best Natural Deodorants That Worked for Me and I Will Repurchase

*Bubble and Bee Super Pit Putty Organic Deodorant Cream

I am so thrilled to finally find a few formulas from Bubble and Bee that work for me! This line is known for its commitment to healthy skincare and stink-free deodorants. They even have a money-back guarantee! When founder Stephanie saw that I had issues finding the right Bubble and Bee deodorant for my pits, she sent a few trial sizes to try so I could better meet my match — and this is the one!

“Super Pit Putty” is non-irritating to my underarms, yet is strong enough to kill my stank thanks to patchouli, lemon, clove and baking soda. I adore the creamy texture and how easy it is to apply to the skin. It feels more luxurious than some of my face balms and creams … seriously.

The regular strength Lilac and Orange Vanilla scents also worked well for me, while the Jasmint didn’t meet my needs. It’s all about experimenting and finding what fits with your body’s chemistry.

*Colorado PitStik Healthy Deodorant

Colorado PitStik is a charming, creamy, stink-blasting deodorant available in both sticks and tins.

It’s made with just six healthy ingredients and boasts a creamy texture and light tea tree aroma that makes blending in your own essential oils for a custom scent extremely easy.

Colorado PitStik had the pleasure of joining me for both Bikram and Ashtanga yoga sessions (brutal, I know) and passed with flying colors. No stank, no irritation.

*Green Goo Pit Goo Natural Deodorant

This stuff rocks! Available in full sizes and travel sizes, Green Goo Pit Goo kept me stink-free and irritation-free throughout my month-long testing process. That’s thanks to soothing calendula and chamomile as well as powerful aluminum-free baking soda and arrowroot. Shea butter and beeswax keeps it all together.

I tried the travel size, which is conveniently packaged in a twist-stick. Sometimes, I would still have to clean the rim of the stick and rub a little excess product into my pits, but nothing I’m not sure to. It’s fantastic to see more and more natural deodorants available in sticks!

*Green Tidings All Natural Deodorant

Available in both a 1-ounce trial size and full 2.7-ounce size, Green Tidings All Natural Deodorant is a simple, non-irritating solution for beauties searching for a cleaner option in stick form.

I like the twist-up, circular packaging of this natural deodorant. Perhaps this design is what keeps the product from gunking up around the sides of the applicator too much, though it’s not totally unavoidable.

The smart formula also allows for an optimal melting into the skin, even in the coolest conditions, making application easy and mess-free.

Herbal Magic Roll-On Deodorant in Jasmine

Herbal Magic’s Roll-On Deodorant caught my eye simply because it was jasmine-scented. I’m a total jasmine whore.

In addition to applying my favorite jasmine essential oils for day, I now had the pleasure of rolling it into my underarms! If this totally boggles your mind (hating on vanilla pits but loving on flower pits?), I’m sorry. I just like jasmine that much.

Besides being sold on the scent, it actually worked, and it was a normal deodorant. No cream, no fuss. Just a wet roller ball that left a clear application of stink-guard.

Herbal Magic Roll-On Deodorant did require a bit of patience on my end — I’d need to let my pits air dry a bit after application because the roller is super-wet — but it helped me stay stink-free all day, so the extra few minutes in the morning were worth it.

I did get a slight irritation in my pits from this natural deodorant, but nothing that kept me from using it daily for at least 3-4 days straight.

*Honestly pHresh Deodorant Cream

I tried Honestly pHresh’s Deodorant Cream in both Lavender & Ylang Ylang and Sage & Chamomile and loved the soft scents and creamy consistency.

The deodorant creams held up during a regular day at the office (you laugh, but you wouldn’t believe how many natural deodorants I’ve tested that leave me stinking by 5:00 after a long day of being inside an air-conditioned office…).

The true test, though, was the workout test. While I typically put my natural deodorants through the Birkam and/or Ashtanga yoga tests, Honestly pHresh’s Deodorant Cream also got to endure an outdoor cycling in humidity test.

When you can pass all three and the dreaded office test, you know you have a winner! [Full Review]

*Humble Deodorant

This creamy, moisturizing natural deodorant keeps me stink-free during a typical workday. Humble deodorants are made with just 4-5 ingredients that are both tough on stink and gentle on skin. Made in the U.S., Humble is slated to bring additional products to market soon — and most likely, they’ll be smell-good things that are simple yet pretty.

As with most natural deodorants, you may need to reapply Humble at the end of the day if you plan to go out or attend a fitness class. But, your pits won’t suffer irritation, and because this formula is so soft and creamy, it will be easy to slide a little more right on to your skin.

Kelly Teegarden Organics Finally Natural Deodorant That Seriously Works

As with any natural stick deodorant, this one takes a little “heating up” against the skin to get a good, even slide when applying. But, this one never broke off into huge chunks or caked up like many ones in stick applicators that I’ve tried.

I’m thrilled to have another fabulous stick formula to recommend to those new to natural deodorants. I know that deodorant creams are not everyone’s jam, and when you’re new to clean beauty, that’s a big hump to get over!

*LOVEFRESH Natural Cream Deodorant

LOVEFRESH Natural Cream Deodorant is another winner thanks to its incredible formula, beautiful packaging and wonderful scents (roses, hello!).

I never thought I’d want my underarms to smell like roses, but it was a very nice morning ritual and made me feel ultra-feminine and sexy while doing the most un-sexy act of smearing my armpits with cream.

As dainty as rose sounds, it did an amazing job at keeping me stink-free. I put LOVEFRESH Moroccan Rose Absolute natural deodorant through stressful days and nights at work and my regular Ashtanga practice. [Full Review]

*Meow Meow Tweet Deodorant Cream

Meow Meow Tweet’s Deodorant Cream takes the cake when it comes to fluffy, easy-to-apply, effective natural deodorants.

It’s another baking soda-based natural deodorant, but I experience zero irritation and absolutely loved the texture and scents available (lavender and tea tree — I have ’em both!).

While I did get a sample of this to test, I’ve already repurchased it, so I’m not sure whether to add an asterisk here or what. I’ll do so for good measure, but please note that I can’t be clearer when I say THIS STUFF ROCKS and I immediately repurchased it, no questions asked!

I’ve also already asked my local green beauty spa to stock Meow Meow Tweet’s Deodorant Cream so I can get it closer to home, but until then, I’ll keep ordering it online (and hoping I keep getting the cute little travel-size sample tins for weekend getaways).

This truly is one of my top picks within this “will repurchase” section because of its ease of use and effectiveness. Plus, the MMT founders kick ass. [Full Review]

Nourish Organic Deodorant in Lavender Mint

Nourish Organic has nailed it with this natural deodorant. It’s in a familiar applicator, it smells lovely and it feels good on my pits — no irritation at all.

To speak to how much I trust this natural deodorant, this was the one I had socked away in my clutch at A Night for Green Beauty in NYC — and for those of you who were there, you know how hot and sweaty it was that night! Plus, we were all crazy excited to meet one another, thus the stink-alert at least on my part.

Nourish Organic’s natural deodorant carries the USDA Organic seal (legit!) and feels creamy and soothing as you apply it to your skin. Sometimes, though, it can feel a bit sticky (especially in warmer weather). This didn’t bother me much, though.

Because I’m super-sensitive in the pits, I have learned to shave these caves at night so that I can decrease risk for irritation; unfortunately, sometimes I forget and am desperate, but I’ve never had a reaction to this natural deodorant, even after shaving. Win!

At $7.99 and widely accessible at Whole Foods and other health food store, Nourish Organic Deodorant in Lavender Mint is a holy grail, highly recommended deodorant. It keeps me stink- and irritation-free!

*Organic Essence Organic Confidence Relentless All-Day Deodorant

Powered by the usual baking soda, virgin coconut oil and essential oils, Organic Essence’s Organic Confidence Relentless All-Day Deodorant brings the natural deodorant packaging game to the next level.

You get a wonderfully effective natural deodorant housed in a beautifully designed, fully compostable (or recyclable) paper tube that makes it easy to roll on and fun to squeeze up product as you go. [Full Review]

*Primal Pit Paste Natural Deodorant

The texture of Primal Pit Paste is velvety and smooth. It’s not whipped and fluffy like Meow Meow Tweet’s, and definitely not hard like Schmidt’s. I’d say it’s most similar in texture to that of Lovefresh.

This is likely thanks having shea butter star as the base ingredient, followed by de-stinkifying arrowroot powder and a mix of antibacterial and moisturizing oils to round out the list.

While all three of my samples contained the regular strength of baking soda for odor-fighting goodness, Primal Pit Paste also offers “light” and “strong” versions for those of you who may need a little less or a little more depending on your body chemistry.

I found that the regular strength was just fine for my smelly self, and that Primal Pit Paste caused zero irritation and left me with zero stinky smells when put to the test for several weeks. [Full Review]

*Pure Pitz Super-Concentrated Natural Deodorant

Small but mighty (it’s sold in a 0.6-ounce stick), Pure Pitz’s Super-Concentrated Natural Deodorant is a stand-out de-stinker. The formula left zero irritation and completely eliminated any funk from my body. I used this natural deodorant during the typical 9-5, and it stood up to stressful meetings and the general hustle of the day. During hot yoga class, Pure Pitz performed — no stink, just sweat, which you do a lot of in hot yoga. Nobody smelled me!

The secret to Pure Pitz’s power is in its ingredients: Aluminum-Free Baking Soda, Organic Beeswax, Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Cornstarch, Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Shea Butter, a Proprietary Blend of Organic Essential Oils, and Vitamin E.

You can find this listed under the website FAQs, which isn’t ideal. My only critique of the brand is to better organize the website so that you can see the ingredients list on the same page as that “buy now” button. Because believe me, you will want to buy this one now. It works, it’s in a stick and it smells wonderfully fresh.

*Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant

I can’t rave enough about Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant. When a natural deodorant can survive SXSW, Ashtanga yoga and keep you stink- and irritation-free, you know you have a winner.

As noted in my full review, though, this deodorant does have a harder consistency that requires a little spoon to dig out the product and then ball it up and massage into your pits. A bit inconvenient, but for something that works so well (and comes in so many inviting scents), it’s negotiable. [Full Review]

*Stinkbug Naturals Extra Strength Cream Deodorant

Made with just six ingredients, Stinkbug Naturals Extra Strength Cream Deodorant in Floral Lime (my favorite scent of the two natural deodorants available in extra strength) kept me stink-free from morning prep to end of day, including long days at the office.

I had fears of the “extra strength” version being too powerful to the point of irritation — a common outcome for many of us who can be sensitive to baking soda, yet need that all-powerful ingredient for killing the stank.

I’ve experienced some extremely painful and unsightly rashes in the past, so even my typically non-sensitive skin is susceptible when it comes to baking soda. Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised! [Full Review]

Best Natural Deodorants That Worked OK, But I Won’t Repurchase

*Blissoma Juniper Natural Deodorant

Blissoma’s Juniper Natural Deodorant has a lot going for it. It’s in a convenient spray applicator that delivers a great mist of product without feeling too wet, and it has a pleasant, fresh scent that’s perfectly unisex (love you, juniper!).

While it works to cover stink decently well, it just doesn’t do the job long enough for me. I could smell myself after about five hours (half a work day). However, I’m counting this as working for me because that’s a great stretch of time — but just not enough for me to repurchase.

I would, though, consider repurchasing this as a body deodorant for spraying on before or after a sweaty yoga session, or even for cleaning my mat. The rest of my sample will live on in my yoga bag and get some use on my body!

Captain Blankenship Lime & Vetiver Cream Deodorant

I experienced both ends of the natural deodorant spectrum while testing this cream deodorant. On my first use, I failed to take a cotton swab into the jar and thoroughly mix all of the ingredients; this led to me applying very few of the actives (i.e. baking soda) in this formula. Translation: I stank before 2 pm on a normal work day.

After learning my lesson, the next day, I stirred the formula before applying. This was simple, as the texture is similar to that of batter — a bit runny, but enough density to get a good nickel-sized application. With this new approach, Captain Blankenship’s Lime & Vetiver Deodorant kept me stink-free, but yielded lots of redness and irritation in my pits.

For my next testing session, I again stirred the pot and applied a smaller amount — dime-sized — and applied. A little goes a long way with this natural deodorant, as I remained stink-free, but my pits still become red and itchy.

So, depending on your sensitivity to baking soda, this may or may not work for you. I *need* baking soda in my natural deodorants — it’s the only thing that keeps me smelling fresh — but it all comes down to the proportions if I want to remain irritation-free.

Chagrin Valley Soap & Salve Company Coconut Milk Deodorant

I really, really wanted to love Chagrin Valley Soap & Salve Company Coconut Milk Deodorant.

I purchased it for $10 from my local green spa after being attracted to the USDA organic label and cool label.

It seemed to have all the workings of a good natural deodorant — coconut oil and baking soda are so common — but Chagrin Valley Soap & Salve Company Coconut Milk Deodorant gave me some irritation and was a bit difficult to work into my pits.

It’s not a “hard” deodorant, but it’s not exactly fluffy, either. It’s just somewhere in between, and I’m not sure if the ingredient proportions combined with having to really work it into my pits made for some less-than-pretty pinkness in my pits.

However, it did keep me somewhat fresh throughout the day. I’d say this is a medium-strength natural deodorant as far as odor protection goes, yet it’s strong when it comes to how it can react on your skin.

*Iwilla Remedy I Love My Armpits Natural Deodorant in Baby Powder Scent

Similar in texture to Nourish Organic, Iwilla Remedy’s I Love My Armpits Natural Deodorant in Baby Powder Scent is my second-favorite of this bunch.

It protected me from stink all-day and also never irritated my pits.

I received this natural deodorant as a sample for review and haven’t really seen it around the natural groceries in my area, so the only thing that would keep me from purchasing it on my own is lack of immediate availability. It’s just $10, but to add shipping and an impatient wait time to that … I dunno.

With so many great natural deodorants readily available, it’s hard for me to justify ordering something online — but I can be convinced.

*Keep It Kind Fresh Kidz Girls Deodorant

OK, not gonna lie, but I was very skeptical about this deodorant — I mean, it’s marketed for little girls and I’m a grown, smelly woman.

But I was pleasantly surprised at how it performed.

The roll-on, wet formula was a bit uncomfortable because it took forever to dry, and I wasn’t a fan of the sweet powder scent, but it did work well on me.

I managed not to stink throughout a typical work day, but this isn’t a repurchase for me because the scent actually kind of bothered me. I could smell myself — this scent! — all day, and it was just a bit too much.

However, it could be a nice choice for someone who’s new to all the green, herbal smells, or for the little girls in your life who insist on everything being pink.

Lavanila Laboratories “The Healthy Deodorant” in Vanilla Grapefruit

This deodorant has been in the natural beauty blogosphere for a while, but I shied away from it because the idea of vanilla on my pits sounded gross.

I was right.

But, somehow the compromise of adding a splash of citrus had me able to take the plunge (I bought it at Sephora), and while vanilla + body odor is quite nasty, this natural deodorant held up for the entire workday, so I really didn’t have to smell that combination!

I experienced very little irritation with this natural deodorant but probably wouldn’t purchase it again.

Don’t get me wrong — it works and is widely available at Sephora and online, but for $14, it’s a bit expensive compared to its competitors that work just as well.

*Osmia Organics Deodorant Cream

Though I thought this would be a repeat repurchase for me, it just hasn’t been because of the wave of other natural deodorants that have captured my heart and armpits.

I think it came down to the scent; it just wasn’t my favorite, and while it wasn’t bad, I much prefer my citrus and florals. To each her own when it comes to matters of the pits. [Full Review]

Pura Vida Nutrition Lavender Tea Tree Deodorant

I picked up Pura Vida Nutrition’s Lavender Tea Tree Deodorant at Green Acres Market in Kansas City. Locally made in Missouri, this natural deodorant has the same application process as popular deodorant creams like Soapwalla and Osmia Organics, but it’s housed in a larger glass jar.

The formula inside, though, is not whipped or buttery like the aforementioned deodorants, but it works well at repelling stink. Because it’s made with shea butter, which can harden easily when mixed with baking soda and corn starch, sometimes I had to (in such an Asian manner) mix Pura Vida with a chop stick to “whip it” and get a pea-sized amount ready for my pits.

It did slightly irritate my pits after a few days of use (I can be a bit sensitive to baking soda in my pits!), but it never broke me out in a horrible rash.

I won’t be repurchasing this deodorant because of the inconvenient application process, but if Pura Vida could figure out how to make it a creamier, smoother texture, I’d be sold on this. It’s only $7.99!

Qet Botanicals Freshened Vanilla Dry Putty Deodorant

On a recent trip to Madison, Wisconsin, I ran out of deodorant and needed a quick replacement. I stopped by the Willy Street Co-op and picked up this Wisconsin-made natural deodorant for just $5! While Qet Botanicals Freshebed Vanilla Dry Putty Deodorant worked for me — no stank! — the texture was just all wrong. It’s just too runny. This leads to clumps of deodorant forming under the pits — not matter how well you rub it in or how discerning you are with the amount used. I think this could be a real winner if the formulation were tweaked just a bit to make the texture more creamy.

*Real Purity Roll-on Natural Deodorant

Almost perfect, Real Purity’s Roll-on Deodorant keeps my skin irritation-free, but doesn’t quite hold up for a typical 8-5 work day. By about 2 pm on a low-stress day, I kind of stink. It’s not absolutely terrible, but it’s not great. I’d love to see this reformulated in an extra-strength version to keep me smelling fresh just a few more hours. The texture and packaging is just right — we just need a little more ooomph in here.

*Silver Botanicals Silver Shield Deodorant Sensitive Skin

Made with colloidal silver, Silver Botanicals Silver Shield Deodorant for Sensitive Skin sure takes pride in its star ingredient.

And it takes pride in it so much that this deodorant leaves a white-silver film on your pits after spraying it in.

While the formula itself worked well to defend my pits against stink, I just couldn’t handle the sickly looking silver film on my underarms, especially when wearing sleeveless tops at the studio.

It’s wise to note that I’m half-Asian with fair, yellow-undertoned skin, so the silver color was pretty obvious on me. If you’re fairer with cool tones, it may not show on you. Get a sample to see.

*Soapwalla Deodorant Cream

As one of the first natural deodorants I tested, Soapwalla probably deserves another go-round on my now-accustomed-to-baking-soda pits.

As noted in my original review, this deodorant cream broke me out in a mad rash, and I know I’m not the only one whose had this reaction to this and other baking soda-based natural deodorants.

However, several of my favorites above have baking soda in them, so either my skin has become a little more aware of how to react to it, or the other companies are using different proportions to keep irritation at ease.

For now, Soapwalla’s Deodorant Cream remains in this “it worked but I won’t buy it again” category even though I’m blatantly contradicting myself and saying that I do need to buy it again to give it another test more than a year later. I think it’s only fair, though it’s hard to get over how painful and red that crazy rash was! [Full Review]

Pristine Beauty Take A Whiff Natural Deodorant

OK, so this stuff smells amazing — like a creamsicle — and applies perfectly via a slick, clean stick. But, it doesn’t do the best job of keeping me stink-free all day. For a typical 8-5 without much stress or hot weather, I was fine. But for a little more action-oriented work days (presentations, etc.), I could smell myself a little bit toward the end of the day.

Not a total dealbreaker, as this would be a wonderful deodorant for me in the winter, but it’s not the strongest. But, it’s one I will keep considering because the scent, packaging and application are perfect.

*Zion Health Adama Minerals ClayDry Natural Deodorant in Citrus Blossom

Made from clay and minerals, Zion Health’s natural stick deodorant did a fine job of keeping me somewhat fresh, but I noticed that my pits were super-sensitive to the baking soda-free formula (huh?!).

Perhaps the Kanwa clay was too drying, or the essential oils a bit too strong, but after just a few swipes on my underarms (which were not freshly shaved), my skin would get a bit irritated.

It subsided and never turned into a full-blown rash, but it was enough to give me some pause on how often I could realistically use this super-convenient and effective natural deodorant.

Typically, I’d rotate it in every few days and be fine, but it just didn’t meet my needs for a full day of being itch- and stink-free. Instead, I’ll keep this in my yoga bag for pre-class reapplication, finish out the

Best Natural Deodorants That Didn’t Work For Me and I Will Not Repurchase

*Blissoma Scentless Stick Natural Deodorant

Natural deodorants in stick form always excite me, as it’s nice to not have to massage cream into your pits every day. But the challenge with natural stick deodorants is the consistency. Some are too soft and melty. Others are too hard and difficult to melt into skin.

The latter was the issue for me with this deodorant, and while that is just an application issue, it also just didn’t hold up for me in the stink department. I could smell myself after about two hours at the office. (WHY AM I SO STINKY?!)

I also found myself leery to use this when wearing light-colored tops because of the light gray coloring of the deodorant. It left my pits gray-tinted and easily rubbed off on my clothes.

*Bubble and Bee Pit Putty Cream in Jasmint

I really, really, really wanted to love this deodorant (remember, jasmine addict). The creamy texture is absolutely perfect — it rivals most face creams! The scent, which is more minty with a touch of floral, is refreshing and feels invigorating when you apply it to your underarms.

The stink-fighting power for me, though, left a lot to be desired. I could smell myself by early afternoon. In the winter. In an office job. This formula contains baking soda, but blame my smelly body chemistry: I just need something a little stronger.

Bubble and Bee Pit Putty in Geranium and Lime

I’d heard great things about Bubble and Bee’s “Pit Putty” and had high hopes for this USDA Organic deodorant.

Sadly, it pretty much failed me from the get-go.

Though it’s housed in a traditional deodorant stick, upon application (just 1-2 swipes), it crumbles a lot and you still have to rub it in.

It dries to a powder-ish finish and smells fresh, but it’s a white mess on your pits. Forget discreet.

I just couldn’t deal with this natural deodorant on a regular basis. I felt like I wasted a lot of product because of the inevitable crumbling, and I set myself up for embarrassment with the obvious clumping powder in my pits.

I paid nearly $10 for this natural deodorant at Whole Foods, and while I do remember there being a stink-free guarantee to send it back to Bubble and Bee if it didn’t work, it was just too inconvenient. (I can’t imagine having to deal with multiple rounds of shipping costs on deodorant trials that just may not work for me.)

But apparently it works for other people, and I’m impressed by the USDA Organic seal on Bubble and Bee deodorant.

Crystal Body Deodorant Stick

At first, I was thrilled with the Crystal Body Deodorant Stick.

Though the application process was a bit annoying (you have to wet the crystal — it’s essentially a rock — and then roll it on), the Crystal Body Deodorant Stick was more effective at keeping me odor-free throughout the day than other natural deodorants I tried.

However, like with most other natural deodorants I tested, by about day three or four, the effectiveness wore down, and I found myself with that same musty stench by the end of each work day. And the application process annoyed me even more. [Full Review]

*Deodomom Roll-On Natural Deodorant

I tested DeodoMom Roll-On natural deodorant for about four weeks. I put it through twice-a-week, hour-and-a-half Ashtanga yoga classes, 100+ degree Kansas City weather, outdoor events and general, everyday activities.

My good friend Jess (who doesn’t have a filter) never said I stank, but the person I was dating at the time of this original review said I had a musty smell.

That sort of inconsistency, coupled with the lack of a fun scent (it’s just kind of neutral), make this a “OK, but pass” natural deodorant. [Full Review]

Desert Essence Deodorant

Desert Essence’s Deodorant was too sticky and just not strong enough for me.

I’ve had friends tell me they love this natural deodorant, but these are my dainty, petite girlfriends who are made of flowers and fairy dust because good gosh, did I smell after using this.

I could usually start to smell myself by about 3 p.m. when I was testing this natural deodorant!

There was one day when I felt a little fresher while wearing this deodorant — probably because I was wearing a quality, non-sleeveless cotton shirt — so maybe this deodorant could work during the winter when I’m more covered up?

If you’re a very light sweater and just want a little safeguarding and scent, then Desert Essence Lemon Tea Tree deodorant could work for you. [Full Review]

*Erbaviva Lemon Sage Organic Deodorant

Spray deodorants made with only alcohol and essential oils confuse me. These ingredients tend to evaporate off the skin and leave zero protection from stink as the day wears on. That was my experience, again, with this natural deodorant spray.

Instead of tossing it, though, I think it will make an excellent yoga mat spray or post-yoga body spray if I can’t get to a shower immediately (ew).

Every Man Jack Deodorant

You know you’ve hit a stinky low when you resort to trying the natural deodorants marketed to men.

But we all know marketing is BS (says the person who works in marketing), so into the basket this natural deodorant from Every Man Jack went.

And out the window it went when it didn’t keep up with my overworked pits.

There were several days during my testing period that, when the odor protection faded, I was left with a mega BO stench. With my first natural deodorant review, I was never left with a blatant BO smell…just a “musty” stench. [Full Review]

*GeoDeo Natural Deodorant with Detox Complex, Invisible Solid, Island Scent

I really wanted to love this natural deodorant.

But my longing for love turned sour the same way I did at about 2 p.m. during the work day.

While GeoDeo Natural Deodorant with Detox Complex rolls on clear and smells fruity (the way I suppose an island would smell), I was left wet, sticky and stinky midway through the day.

Besides just not working well for me, it also contains PEG-100 Stearate, an undesirable and unnecessary ingredient.

While I received this natural deodorant as a sample, it’s going into the reject pile (and I’m not really sure if giving rejected deodorant to my friends and coworkers is really welcomed). Sigh.

*Honestly pHresh Deodorant

I really wanted to love these women’s deodorants, as they’re available in fun scents such as Creme Brulee and Sugar Mint, which I tested and adored the scents, but they couldn’t keep me smelling like dessert or a delicious cocktail for more than a couple hours.

I will point out that it doesn’t contain baking soda, so if you’re sensitive to baking soda and are a relatively stink-free person, it may be a brand to check out just in case.

*Kaia Naturals The Takesumi Detox

Made with takesumi, AKA bamboo charcoal, Kaia Naturals’ natural deodorant rolls on clear and has a smooth finish. It’s similar in texture to Lavanila and comes in three lovely scents — but it just didn’t work for me. I’ve been using natural deodorants for years now, so I don’t have much to detox. So I was left smelling sour and stinky, which is my typical state with natural deodorants that just aren’t strong enough for me. If you’re not a naturally smelly person like me, you can probably get away with this one (and I’m jealous, because I really liked the texture and scent of this collection!).

Meow Meow Tweet Deodorant Stick

When I saw that Meow Meow Tweet made a stick version of its popular deodorant (a favorite of mine and my beau), I ran out to my local stockist to pick one up for myself. After weeks of use and smellier-than-usual days, I had to come to terms with the fact that the stick version (I bought Lemon Eucalyptus) just didn’t cut it for me. Typically, I purchase the tea tree cream deodorant. But, this new formulation for the sticks doesn’t work with my body chemistry. Back to the creams I go.

Native Deodorant

Body chemistry is such a big deal. Native Deodorant’s finely formulated natural deodorants have all the right ingredients that a stinky person like me might need. But, it just didn’t work. This formula couldn’t keep me smelling fresh for a typical 9-5 workday, yet it worked wonders on my boyfriend, who is also stinky and sweaty. While he swears by Native, I pass on it. I do like that it’s in a wonderful stick applicator that doesn’t get too chunky (you really need to let it warm against your skin, though). Native, can you make a slightly stronger for the smelly girlfriend, please?!

Nourish Organic Deodorant Cream

I wanted to love this new cream formula from Nourish Organic, but unfortunately, it pilled on me immediately after application (think little white eraser-like strands on your pits appearing after massaging it in) and did nothing to keep me stink free within two hours of wear.

In an office. At a desk. Not exerting much physical activity.

That means there was no way in hell I was going to even attempt testing this during a 90-minute heated yoga class. Perhaps the formula needs more baking soda and less gum, as it was laughable how much this cream gummed up on me. Needless to say, I was embarrassed to wear this and do not recommend it.

Instead, try the original formula from Nourish Organic that I’ve listed up above in the “repurchase” section. Unless you’re someone who just doesn’t stink and has no issues with deodorants pilling on your skin.

*PiperWai Natural Deodorant

Though I love the idea of using activated charcoal in a natural deodorant, as the ingredient is lauded for its ability to draw out toxins and purify skin, the idea of using a grayish-colored deodorant left me skeptical. And for good reason.

PiperWai says the gray deodorant rubs into skin and leaves a clear touch of protection, but that wasn’t my experience after using the recommended pea-sized amount. After generous massaging into my pits, there was still a gray-cast, making my heavily neutrals / creams / white wardrobe off limits for fear of staining.

This deodorant also, unfortunately, slightly irritated my pits.

*Routine Cream in Sexy Sadie

As much as I wanted to love this deodorant (that I received in a subscription box), it just didn’t work for me. I stank by the end of the work day. However, I did love the formulation and texture — so creamy and smooth with a slight clay scent — but that only gets you so far.

This might be one to try if you are not as heavy of a sweater or stinker as me. I was pretty rank at the end of the day, but I think if there was perhaps more baking soda in it, I could do it.

*Simple Body Products Extra Strength Deodorant

When I see “Extra Strength” on a deodorant label, I pay attention. Unfortunately, this tub of creamy natural deodorant didn’t live up to its claims. For me, it comes down to too much coconut oil (this stuff gets really runny) and not enough baking soda. While my pits felt soft and smooth, I stank.

*Stinkbug Naturals All Natural Deodorant

I feel awkward placing Stinkbug Naturals in the “didn’t work for me category.”

While it’s true that this natural deodorant wasn’t a top performer and isn’t one I’d buy myself, I liked that even though it didn’t last me through the day, with just one additional application, it killed stink and had me ready for the second half of my day.

I’ve easily reapplied this deodorant after work before Ashtanga and made it through class without offending anybody.

If Stinkbug Naturals All Natural Deodorant was just a little bit more powerful (we’re talking stink and wetness by about 2 p.m.), it could be a real winner.

Again, if you’re the type who can get away without wearing much deodorant, this is an excellent natural deodorant to look into; it’s housed in a traditional deodorant stick and glides in smooth without any buildup or stickiness.

Tom’s of Maine Natural Clinically Proven Long Lasting Deodorant in Beautiful Earth

Though I loved the smooth texture as I glided on this Tom’s of Maine natural deodorant, it did absolutely nothing to keep me stink-free or dry.

While I applaud the fact that this particular line from Tom’s of Maine is free of aluminum and propylene glycol (why do other products in the line have these ingredients?!), when it comes down to effectiveness, it just falls short.

However, if you’re one of those not-so-stinky-and-sweaty people, you may be able to get away with this (My male boss says he uses Tom’s. Oh the envy.).

*Trim Healthy Naturals The “Hippie Stick” All-Natural Deodorant

Though it has a delightful, spicy scent (I detect a bit of clove?!), Hippie Stick didn’t even get me through a low-stress work day. I never felt sweaty / sticky / wet, but man, I stank. Like, stank. I’m assuming there just wasn’t enough baking soda or clay in this formula to mask my odor. Perhaps it’s time to make an “extra strength” version for gals like me? As far as application, it took a bit for the formula to melt against my skin, but once it did, it felt creamy and massaged in perfectly.

*Uncle Harry’s Lavender Tea Tree Body Deodorant

Though Uncle Harry’s Lavender Tea Tree Body Deodorant did nothing for my smelly pits, I do love it as a yoga mat disinfectant.

Because it’s housed in a convenient glass spray bottle and harnesses the stink- and germ-killing power of lavender and tea tree, Uncle Harry’s Body Deodorant makes a great addition to the my yoga bag.

To be fair, this is marketed as a body deodorant, so I could see myself maybe repurchasing it and using it as a true body refresher, but as for it working on underarm odor — no bueno.

*Ursa Major Hoppin’ Fresh Deodorant

I really, really, really wanted to love this deodorant. Seriously. It smells fresh and clean. It’s packaged perfectly in a soft stick that doesn’t gunk up. But for whatever body chemistry reason, Ursa Major’s natural deodorant just wasn’t strong enough for me. I could barely make it through the work day without smelling rank. By about 3 p.m., I could smell myself. Perhaps I smell an “extra strength” version in the works? (Please!)

*Vermont Soap Sage Lime Organic Deodorant

I really, really, really wanted to love this deodorant. It carries the USDA organic seal of approval and has a great unisex scent thanks to the smart combination of sage and lime.

Sadly, though, even in the dead of a supposed sweat-free winter, I could smell myself within a few hours of using this deodorant.

It didn’t do much to kill my musty body odor from a regular day at the office, and the sticky, creamy consistency of Vermont Soap’s Sage Lime Organic Deodorant left me feeling a bit uncomfortable throughout the day — think dry, then wet and stinky and then sticky on repeat throughout the day.

If you’re not a heavy sweater and can usually get away without deodorant (I hate you), this would be a nice supplement. Just not for me.

*Via Nature Natural Enzyme Roll-On Deodorant

From a packaging and design perspective, this deodorant is wonderful. Easy to hold, easy to roll on, easy to stash in a beauty bag.

From a performance perspective, it’s just not doing it for me. I can’t get through a day at work without stinking by 5:00. That pretty much rules out the yoga and cycling test.

*Via Nature Natural Deodorant Spray

Perfect as a body deodorant for a post-workout refresher, Via Nature’s Natural Deodorant Spray unfortunately doesn’t hold up as a regular daytime deodorant. It didn’t last all day at the office, and the formula irritated my pits. I’ll be keeping this one, though, to spray down my yoga mat and body post-class before I get home to shower.

*Via Nature Triple Action Natural Enzyme Deodorant Stick

Advertised as a non-sticky and non-staining deodorant, I was really holding out for this one to be my conventional stick-style that I can use on days when massaging deodorant cream into my pits was just too much.

Unfortunately, this deodorant stick didn’t keep me stink-free from a typical 9-5 in the office.

Weleda Citrus Deodorant

One word for this natural deodorant: Ouch.

Alcohol is the first ingredient, and sting-inducing citrus oils assaulted my armpits. I do not recommend this deodorant if you are sensitive!

If you are stinky AND sensitive, this is a double fail. Weleda Citrus Deodorant Spray just got it all wrong for me. I’m holding onto it for use on my feet during the summer (TMI?), but otherwise, this natural deodorant is useless for me.

I paid $14 for this at Whole Foods and felt too sheepish to return it. So, onto my feet it will go!

*ZAK Detox Deodorant in Elevate

I always get excited when I see a natural stick deodorant. But we’ve got a ways to go with this one. While Elevate, the women’s formula from ZAK Detox Deodorant, smelled fresh, it didn’t keep me smelling that way. But beyond the lack of stink protection, I found this formula to be a pain to use; it applied in chunks and appeared white under my arms.

Have you found the best natural deodorant for you? Which natural deodorants don’t work for you? Have you tried any of my hits and misses listed here? Tell me in the comments section!










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