botanical babe | natural deodorant cream

botanical babe natural deodorant cream

From time to time, I find myself going down the Etsy rabbit hole.

Funny graphic tees.
Neat home decor.
Stellar handmade beauty products.

One new Etsy shop that’s gotten my attention is Botanical Babe, a sweet shop based in Michigan that focuses on small batch skincare, including this fantastic natural deodorant cream that I scraped clean.

botanical babe natural deodorant cream

{Botanical Babe sent me a sample of its natural deodorant cream to review. It costs $12 for a 2-ounce glass jar.}

Made with some of the usual suspects — baking soda and arrowroot powder — Botanical Babe’s Natural Deodorant Dream also takes advantage of soothing organic mango butter and coconut oil to keep your underarms soft and irritation-free.

Here’s the full ingredients list:

Organic mango butter, organic coconut oil, sodium bicarbonate, arrowroot powder, organic lemon essential oil, organic juniper berry essential oil, organic sweet orange essential oil

I did have to email the founder to confirm the ingredients list, as they are not listed on the product page.

To all the makers out there big and small, please, please, please make this a priority! You are likely losing out on sales from people who just don’t have time to email you and ask for an ingredients list.

End rant.

botanical babe natural deodorant cream

This natural deodorant cream does an excellent job of absorbing and neutralizing odors — I used this all spring and summer long and experienced zero stink.

Instead, I was left with a light, clean citrus scent (thanks to lemon, juniper and sweet orange oils). How refreshing!

Botanical Babe Natural Deodorant Cream has a medium-thick consistency that’s easy to spread and melt into the skin. It’s not whipped, but it’s not rock hard. If you are familiar with LOVEFRESH, imagine a similar consistency but just a bit denser.

I think that Botanical Babe is definitely on to something with its natural deodorant creams. While there’s plenty of options on the market (see “the ultimate guide to natural deodorants“), natural deodorant is one of those things that we can’t have enough of — everybody responds in different ways!

This is a natural deodorant that I’d easily repurchase ($12) and recommend. I hope to see more scent options available soon!

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