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araza natural beauty | 7 in 1 coconut creme foundation

kimberlyloc reviews Araza Natural Beauty’s 7 in 1 Coconut Creme Foundation, a natural foundation that provides medium to heavy coverage with a flawless finish.

beauty secrets | what foundation color are you?

kimberlyloc shares what colors she wears in various natural and nontoxic foundation brands on the market, from Alima Pure to Zuzu Luxe.

gressa skin | minimalist corrective serum foundation

kimberlyloc reviews Gressa’s Minimalist Corrective Foundation, a lightweight, sheer-coverage foundation loaded with beneficial skincare ingredients such as broccoli seed oil, neem extract, horsetail extract and sea buckthorn oil extract.

kari gran | mineral foundation

kimberlyloc reviews Kari Gran’s mineral foundation, a lightweight, talc-free mineral makeup that provides long lasting, light-reflecting coverage while allowing the skin to breathe.

w3ll people | narcissist stick foundation

kimberlyloc reviews W3ll People Narcissist Stick Foundation in No. 2, a dry stick foundation great for lightly covering blemishes and allowing beautiful skin to show through.