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kari gran foundation review before and after

I’ve added a new mineral foundation to my natural makeup collection, but I swear this one is different than anything I’ve tried before.

If you’re already a Kari Gran makeup fan, you probably know what I mean.

This mineral foundation is flat-out fantastic.

kari gran foundation review before and after

{Kari Gran sent me a foundation sample kit for review (retail $10) so I could figure out which color suited my skin tone. I opted for shade No. 2. I then purchased the full-sized foundation (retail $25) and redeemed a $10 off discount that came with the sample kit, which is available to anyone who purchases a sample kit. What a great deal!}

But first, a bit of context:

In the photo comparison above, on the left, I am obviously not wearing any foundation (but have on my brows and some lip color to keep from scaring you).

I’m wearing only Kari Gran mineral foundation all over my face. No base layer of concealer or any mineral veil.

While the photo on the right shows a much evened-out complexion, I’m still not too happy with the dark-ish circles under my eyes. That’s just sleep deprivation at it’s finest, though. I was on five hours of sleep in this photo.

Perhaps a base layer of thick concealer could have helped, but I’m all about the honest foundation reviews! (And I should become all about getting more sleep.) I bet if I had my typical seven hours, those undereye circles wouldn’t be so prominent.

And now, what I really think makes this foundation special:

What sets Kari Gran’s mineral foundation apart from other mineral foundations I’ve tried is the instant glow you get upon application.

We beauty bloggers tend to through around the word “glow” a lot in our reviews, so let me be more specific: Because of the subtle amount of mica in this mineral makeup’s formula, you seriously get that beautiful, radiant complexion that’s not shiny or glittery. It’s just glowy. And that’s that.

Obviously, if you avoid mica in your beauty products (I don’t), then this isn’t the foundation for you.

Here’s everything inside Kari Gran foundation:

Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxide, Zinc Oxide, Mica

If you’re used to using a highlighter everyday, you can get rid of that step when you use Kari Gran’s foundation. The light-reflecting effect is built in to this foundation, so all you need to do is buff it in and go. I absolutely love this foundation!

As with many of the nontoxic makeup I love, Kari Gran foundation is free of talc, synthetic fragrance, dyes, bismuth oxychloride, parabens, nanoparticles and animal testing

But seriously, what sets it apart is the glow.

I can’t help but admire the way my skin looks after using this mineral foundation. It’s just beautiful, and when I go back to using my other beloved minerals, I get a little annoyed that I need to layer on the highlighter to my glow.

Speaking of layering on makeup, I stumbled upon this fantastic refresher course on how to apply your mineral foundation the right way.

We all know that we should apply sparingly and build, build, build for even coverage, but sometimes it just helps to see someone actually do it. Let’s not waste our makeup, ladies!

(This is the result of going down the YouTube beauty vlogger hole on one of my days off from work. And plus, Jen is a fellow Jayhawk and friend of a friend, so I gotta share the love.)

So, are you cool with using mica in your beauty products? Have you tried Kari Gran’s mineral foundation? What are your favorite natural foundations (and what color do you wear?)? Tell me in the comments section!


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