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osmia organics lavender pine organic soap

In life, there are simple little luxuries that can change your mood in a heartbeat.

For Osmia Organics founder Sarah Villafranco — and those who adore her natural beauty collection — the simple little luxury can be as simple as soap.

Sarah sent me three of her beautiful, handmade soaps to test and review.

I chose lively scents that I knew would take this always-late, night owl from grumpy cat to happy dance during early morning showers:

Osmia Organics Lavender Pine Organic Soap

osmia organics lavender pine organic soap

{Osmia Organics’ Lavender Pine Organic Soap retails for $12. Photo Courtesy Osmia Organics}

What do you get when you combine the refreshing scents of lavender and pine?

A gorgeous, clean scent that will definitely have your Mr. wanting a bit of your soap! I like to tease the Teacher Man when I ask him what a scent smells like — he just says “soap” regardless of the scent.

Well, this is what soap should smell like: A combination of masculine, woody pine and feminine, lovely lavender.

Great for a guest bathroom or a dude who needs moisturizing soap but doesn’t want to feel like he’s bathing in girly girl.

Osmia Organics Lemon Basil Ginger Organic Soap

osmia organics lemon basil ginger organic soap

{Osmia Organics’ Lemon Basil Organic Soap retails for $12. Photo Courtesy Osmia Organics}

I’m not going to lie: This soap appealed to me because it reminded me of the tasty Tom Yum Soup that I like to eat when I’m feeling sick or just need a shot of healthy herbs and spices in my system.

This soap pretty much does the same for your body. Good morning, zesty lemon, calming basil and invigorating ginger!

(Just don’t eat the soap, OK?)

Osmia Organics Coffee Mint Organic Soap

osmia organics coffee mint organic soap

{Osmia Organics’ Coffee Mint Soap retails for $12. Photo Courtesy Osmia Organics}

I “jokingly” ask my coworkers not to talk to me before I’ve had my coffee.

This typically means don’t speak until 9:30 a.m., but if they knew I’ve been somewhat caffeinating since my morning shower, they might try to sidestep this rule.

The coffee mint soap has great little ground organic coffee scrubbers in it to help boost circulation and gently exfoliate the body (I don’t use this on my face). It smells so wonderful — it’s almost as good as having a shot of Bailey’s Mint Irish Cream in your morning coffee.


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