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meow meow tweet deodorant cream

When you have girlfriends who tell you they can get by without wearing deodorant on some days (what?!) and mortal enemies who swear by just a dab of coconut oil on their underarms (huh?!), you start to think:

1) I must have XXL sweat glands.

2) I am really gross.

3) Oh gawd what’s that smell?!

This is me to a T, and this is why I like to think I’m a pretty tough critic when it comes to natural deodorants.

I do not want to think these things every time I lift my arms!

And this is why when I say that Meow Meow Tweet’s Deodorant Cream blew my mind (armpits?), you should stop everything you’re doing and order a jar right now.

(Available in Lavender and Tea Tree from Integrity Botanicals!) // (Available in Lavender and Tea Tree from Pemberley Jones!)

Make that two, summer’s coming.

meow meow tweet deodorant cream

{Meow Meow Tweet sent me a sample of its lavender deodorant cream β€” which is the (empty) medium size shown in the picture. I purchased a full size Meow Meow Tweet tea tree deodorant cream from Pemberley Jones, and she threw in a travel size of the lavender deodorant cream for me. A full size deodorant cream costs $13 for a 2.4-ounce glass jar.}

Meow Meow Tweet’s Deodorant Cream is a whipped, fluffy, mousse-like cream that is easy to dig your fingers into and massage into your pits.

This is crucial for those of us who count down every minute it takes to get ready and out the door in the morning. I don’t have time to scoop out a hard deodorant and melt it in my hands and apply it!

A little goes a long way, but be sure to get an ample amount to 1) reduce chances for irritation (you need to ensure you’ve mixed the product well and get enough of the good natural oils and shea butter before it settles to the bottom) and 2) cover your entire stinky pit.

Though I mention the potential for irritation above (Meow Meow Tweet’s Deodorant Cream contains stink-fighting baking soda, which a lot of us are sensitive to), I experienced absolutely no redness, chapping or general irritation from this natural deodorant.

Here’s everything that’s inside Meow Meow Tweet’s Deodorant Cream:

Organic virgin coconut oil, organic jojoba oil, organic shea butter, organic arrowroot powder, baking soda (naturally mined), kaolin clay, tea tree OR lavender essential oil

I applied it after shaving in the morning and even twice in a day (as a pre-workout touch-up) and had no issues with irritation.

Major win.

And while I mention I’ve applied Meow Meow Tweet’s Deodorant Cream twice daily before my intense Ashtanga yoga sessions, that’s just a standard precaution I take with any new deodorant I’m testing.

If I can get through an hour and a half sweat session without stink on a doubled-up application day, I then allow myself to just change clothes and go to class the next day without doing a touch up β€” that’s the major test.

Meow Meow Tweet passed. And this is during 95+ degree yoga sessions, y’all.

(You know when I break out the Arkansas y’all, I’m getting real with it, yes?)

Though I do hate (strong word, I know) applying deodorant cream with my fingers to my pits, I haven’t found many natural stick deodorants that perform as well as the formulations that come in this form.

This is just something green beauty lovers like you and me have become accustomed to, and we’ll need to continually educate the masses about how to use deodorant like this.

(You should have seen the look on my friend Mary’s face when I stayed with her in San Diego and applied my deodorant in front of her.)

So, bottom line, would I repurchase Meow Meow Tweet’s Deodorant Cream?

I think I answer that in line eight or so at the beginning of this post.

Yes! Run, don’t walk, to Meow Meow Tweet’s shop in Brooklyn to getcha some (or just order online via their website or via my girl Pemberley Jones β€” maybe she’ll hook you up with a fun sample with your order!)

And if you haven’t already, check out my natural beauty buff feature with Meow Meow Tweet co-founder Tara Pelletier!

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