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To continue to spread awareness about National Skin Cancer Awareness Month, I’m sharing another favorite sunscreen: Sunday Riley Cashmere Mist SPF 30.

{Sunday Riley sent me its Cashmere Mist SPF 30 to review. It retails for $125 for 50 ml. Photo Courtesy Sunday Riley}

On Tuesday, I told you about my love for Badger Damascus Rose sunscreen, but mentioned my issue with the lower SPF number (16).

While Badger’s Damascus Rose sunscreen is a great everyday, mostly indoor sunscreen, I rely on Sunday Riley Cashmere Mist SPF 30 for those days when I know I’ll be out and about running errands, but still want to have a pulled-together, made-up look.

This sunscreen is extremely lightweight and sheer — perfect for under makeup. It has absolutely no white cast glow or sunscreen smell, and is loaded with incredibly moisturizing, luxurious and exotic ingredients, such as cashmere protein, wheatgrass, stoneroot, rice grass, squalene and ginseng.

I would compare Cashmere Mist to basically any luxe daily moisturizer — but kicked up a notch with the SPF 30 rating and high-end ingredients. I love blending this sunscreen with a small drop of Sunday Riley Juno Transformative Lipid Serum for an extra dewy look, but it’s just fine on its own, too.

As glamorous as this sunscreen is, let’s be real. It’s expensive.

What’s your budget for daily sunscreens, and what extras are valuable to you? Do you like to mix sunscreens with other moisturizers, or do you prefer an all-in-one product, like Cashmere Mist, that protects, moisturizes and feels luxurious all at once? may include affiliate links to featured products. Not all product links are affiliate links. If you make a purchase from an affiliate link, earns a small commission.

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