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When it comes to keeping your skin clear and beautiful, your favorite topical products can only go so far.

My 30-something skin is prone to lifestyle, stress- and diet-triggered acne. The best of the best lotions and potions stand zero chance against monster breakouts and rashes if I’m not actively pursuing sweat, relaxation and proper nourishment.

Supplements have been part of my overall health plan, under the guidance of my Western doctors and naturopath, for several years. Many of the supplements I take do triple duty, supporting my health, guts and skin.

They are all connected, folks!

These are the supplements that I consistently take as part of my total beauty routine.

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For Overall Health Support

Fish Oil

Known for its ability to support cardiovascular health, fish oil is one of those supplements that also has beauty benefits.* The fatty acids in fish oil contribute to the overall health of our skin, providing them the omega-3’s they need to function at their best.* For vegans or those who aren’t into that fishy taste that some supps have, explore other essential fatty acid-rich nutritional oils for support.

Vitamin C

My holy grail antioxidant from both a topical and internal perspective, vitamin C supports a healthy immune system and is critical for collagen production.* I take this daily to maintain optimal health; as someone who rarely gets sick, when I do get ill, it ain’t pretty.*

Vitamin D

Hey, sunshine … are you getting enough vitamin D? Many of us aren’t, but a simple blood test can confirm your levels. My yearly blood work always indicates vitamin D deficiency (my level is currently 28, ugh), so in addition to taking prescription-strength vitamin D3 during certain times of the year (again, under the direction of my doc), I keep high potency vitamin D3 on hand for my daily boost. This helps me feel less fatigued, directly affects my appearance: sleepy Kim = tired-looking skin. And nobody ever wants to hear, “You look tired.”*

For Gut Health


I’ve been fighting a long battle with breakouts. It’s somewhat under control now, thanks to several internal and topical interventions. One of the things I rely on to maintain normal skin microflora is — you guessed it — the good bugs!* Acidophilus is one of the gut superheroes that kept turning up in my research, so of course I was excited to find an 8 billion CFU acidophilus supplement for my everyday intestinal support.*

Caprylic Acid

In my quest to balance my gut, caprylic acid adds medium chain fatty acid (MCT) to the mix of good bacteria and essential fatty acids.* It’s thought to help maintain a healthy balance of gut microbes and may contribute to overall gut health.* MCT oil is one that I also like to use topically.

For Healthy Skin

Borage Oil

Borage oil is one of the first skin support supplements I ever started taking, dating back about 10 years ago.* It’s loaded with gamma-linoleic acid (GLA), an immune response balancing fatty acid that can help maintain normal skin lipid composition and address transepidermal water loss in older skin.* Glad I’ve gotten a head start on this gem of a skincare supplement.* #TEWLisNotCool


This wonder mineral plays a role in healing wounds and maintaining normal immune system function — two issues that arise with pesky, angry zits.* At the height of my major issues with acne, I found zinc helped shorten the duration of my breakouts.* Like vitamin C, zinc can also support overall immune function and even help with collagen formation.*

If this seems like a lot, well, it probably is — for you. Everybody is different, with different skincare and health needs. Talk with your doctor about how to safely add supplements into your total beauty routine.

Once you and your doc figure out what is best for you, get a cute pill organizer to stay on track with your daily needs. A collection of supplements won’t do you any good if you don’t actually take them!

What supplements do you take to support your overall health and wellness? How long have you been taking supplements? Any tips on how to stay consistent with daily supplements? Tell me in the comments!

This post is kindly brought to you by NOW Solutions, who compensated me for this sponsored post. All product descriptions, tips and opinions are my own! may include affiliate links to featured products. Not all product links are affiliate links. If you make a purchase from an affiliate link, earns a small commission.

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