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One of the best parts of being a natural beauty blogger active in social media is the ability to connect with niche natural beauty brands and fellow social media junkies.

Twitter is definitely the reason why I’ve become a big fan of natural beauty brand Olie Biologique, which specializes in facial oils and blends designed to treat, nourish and protect all types and ages of skin.

(Twitter and, obviously, the amazing array of natural beauty products Olie offers! Read my review of Olie Biologique Huile Radicale 005 Rejuvenating Oil.)

The Olie B. Twitter team is so good about sharing fun news and links, and are oh-so-lovely at adding value to natural beauty conversations (in 140 characters or less!).

I started connecting with Olie there, and of course became so intrigued by the brand that I had to learn more about its beautiful founder, Linda Alixe Thompson.

linda thompson olie biologique

{Linda just glows. Photo Courtesy Linda Thompson}

Linda was sweet enough to share her most personal information — her natural beauty product loves — with me and, now, you!

Read on to learn what natural beauty products the oil afficienado behind Olie Biologique uses regularly.

As usual, I’ve starred the items I also use and love.

natural beauty buff picks linda thompson olie biologique

{Linda’s collection of natural beauty products has piqued my interest — look at that beautiful perfume! Photo Courtesy Linda Thompson}

Pier Auge Gommage Doux

“This is an all-natural clay peel. Yeast, vitamin B5 and white clay eliminate impurities and gently buff away dead cells. It improves the texture as well as the color of your skin. I found it in a French pharmacy and now can’t be without it!”

W3LL People Lip Gloss in Pink Twinkle

“This line was developed by Shirley Pinkson, a former NARS executive and makeup artist whom I met at Barneys New York.”

W3LL People Blush Sticks and Highlighter

“W3LL People’s sticks are called the Universalists and are the 100 percent organic, super-performing alternative to NARS’ “The Multiple” sticks. I like the luminous formula in a peachy pink, a multitasking superstar for cheeks and lips and a highlighter for a light-catching glow. I also apply on the inner eye and under the brow. Talk about instant glam and youthful radiance. I like the Universalist 2.”

*Soleil Organique SPF 45 100% Mineral Sunblock

“I have nothing against the sun, but let’s face it, too much of a good thing is never pretty. So I use sunscreen without fail. I also think it is really important to select a sunscreen that uses non-chemical sunscreen actives. Soliel Organique formulates with mineral actives and is full of key anti-aging elements like green tea and red algae. Plus, it is super hydrating and is free of parabens or any synthetics.”

Audra James Rose, French Lavender + Rose Geranium Facial Mist

“Developed by Audra James, she’s Brisbane’s ‘IT’ girl when it comes to bespoke 100 percent organic and natural facial oils with intoxicating scents, but it’s the performance that hooked me. I love to use a facial mist, either after I’ve just finished cleansing (in place of a toner) or as a hydrating spritz that helps a facial oil penetrate more deeply. This particular spray is uplifting, soothing and will give your skin a beautiful glow when used in combination with the right oil for your skin.”

Olie Biologique 006 Huile Claire

“I developed the newest Olie organic oil blend, 006 Huile Claire, especially for those stressy skin moments which we all have. With organic marula oil and Roman calendula, Claire provides very specific nurturing when the skin needs it most.”

Je Veux Argan Hair Oil

“Je Veux” means “I want” in French. This oil is the perfect luscious consistency to nourish, add shine and tame my hair’s puffiness. Once you experience its beautiful scent, you’ll want it too!

Arquiste Perfume

“I love the scent of white florals that are delicate yet decadent and intense. This cool white perfume will linger on your skin for hours. This scent instantly will instantly transport you to a lush Mexican flower garden. Plus, Carlos is a friend who is warm, brilliant and passionate about his craft of perfumery. may include affiliate links to featured products. Not all product links are affiliate links. If you make a purchase from an affiliate link, earns a small commission.

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