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jing ai masquerade concealer

I started using Jing Ai’s Masquerade Concealer in November 2011 and have not once reached for my toxic tube of former concealer for better coverage or easier application.

jing ai masquerade concealer

{I received a sample of Jing Ai Masquerade Concealer in Vanilla Cream and Indian Princess. I've been wearing Vanilla Cream and will probably transition to Indian Princess this summer. Photo Courtesy Jing Ai}

Jing Ai natural concealer has certified organic coconut oil, cocoa seed butter, wild rose flower oil and Champagne grape oil as well as beeswax and shea butter.

This means that in addition to providing amazing coverage (I think it’s better than Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage), it is treating my skin with beneficial oils and butters to soften the delicate undereye area and blemish spots.

I like to apply it with my ring finger by lightly dabbing it on to the dark circles under my eyes and directly onto problem areas. I start small, working up the layers of coverage depending on how little sleep I got the night before, until my skin appears flawless, never cakey. I dust a bit of loose powder to set the concealer and look well-rested and ready to go!

My only gripe about Jing Ai’s Masquerade Concealer is that currently, it’s only available in two shades, Vanilla Cream and Indian Princess. However, because Jing Ai founder Donna Cristino is showcasing her line at an exclusive Henri Bendel trunk show this week before jetting off to the CEW Beauty Awards, I imagine she will need to expand her line and color options very soon — I predict Jing Ai is going to be the buzz in natural cosmetics this year!

A pot of Jing Ai Masquerade Concealer costs $25 — comparable to popular luxury brands’ prices without the parabens, petrochemicals and nasty preservatives. If you’re going to splurge on a good concealer, why not spend your money on ingredients that actually do something great for your skin? I’ll take roses and grapes over chemicals and coal derivatives any day.

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