derma e | soothing facial treatment oil

derma e soothing facial treatment oil

I definitely have my favorites when it comes to face oils, and I tend to go for the more complex blends and expensive brands.

However, part of my goal with this natural beauty blog is to bring more people into the green beauty space, and the complaint I hear most pertains to cost and accessibility.

I want you to know that I hear you and I’m working to integrate more affordable and readily available products into my reviews (though many of my favorites are under $10!).

One facial oil that I think deserves some attention for including some interesting and effective ingredients at a reasonable price is derma e’s Soothing Facial Treatment Oil.

derma e soothing facial treatment oil

{derma e sent me a sample of its Soothing Facial Treatment Oil. It retails for $23.50 for a 1-ounce glass dropper bottle.}

Here’s a look at the full ingredients list:

Safflower Seed Oil, Coconut Oil, Borage Seed Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Organic Argan Kernel Oil* (10%), Kukui Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Vitamin E

I think derma e’s Soothing Facial Treatment Oil would make a wonderful starter oil for the curious skin care addict who wants to try a blend of some of the best-known facial oils for acne-prone skin (coconut, borage, evening primrose, grapeseed) without shelling out for separate containers of oils they may not use in their entirety.

Besides being a great fit for acne-prone skin, derma e’s Soothing Facial Treatment Oil should work wonders on those of us who suffer from redness and irritation on our skin; argan oil and vitamin E offer healing and hydration while lavender helps calm the skin.

One oil in this blend that stands out to me and deserves some more hype is kukui nut oil. Number 1, it’s just fun to say, and number 2 it’s loaded with fatty acids. Kukui oil is showing up in some of my favorite brands and could be poised to become a new “it” oil.

While I’m not sure derma e’s Soothing Facial Treatment Oil will be on my repurchase list (I don’t use it all too often, though it’s lovely), I’d recommend it to those of you who are ready to venture out into a nice facial oil blend without having to shell out a lot of money to experience a little bit of luxury.

Have you tried any facial oils (or anything else) from derma e? What are your favorite affordable oil blends? What budget-friendly oil blends do you repurchase? Tell me in the comments section! may include affiliate links to featured products. Not all product links are affiliate links. If you make a purchase from an affiliate link, earns a small commission.

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  • Anusha Puri

    hi,i have not heard of this brand..thank you for introducing.i love facial oils but the ones i love are usually expensive ..sigh.however there is one brand “kama ayurveda “and it’s beauty fluid is something i always end up repurchasing ..12 ml bottle retalis for around 22 dollars

    • Anusha Puri

      i just love it’s ingredients … rare saffron,Sandalwood, vetiver, In Ayurveda, rare saffron helps illuminate skin color

    • Love Ayurvedic products. I will check that out!

  • I’ve not tried Derma E as a lot of their products contain one or two ingredients that put me off. I’ll have to give the oils a look next time! For more affordable oils, I’ve been liking Skin Essence Organics. They’re a smaller, Canadian company, mostly organic ingredients and really lovely blends that sell for around $30

    • Oooh, need to check them out! Just curious, what ingredients put you off? In the oils specifically or other stuff they carry?

      • It’s usually the preservative…I think they use phenoxyethanol in a lot of products, which I try to avoid. Not in the oils though, which is great! :)