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arya essentials | body oil

arya essentials body oil

kimberlyloc reviews Arya Essentials Body Oil, a medium viscosity body oil that combines seven different carrier oils and essential oils into one herbal blend.

laurel whole plant organics | balance facial serum

laurel whole plant organics balance facial serum

kimberlyloc reviews Laurel Whole Plant Organics’ “Balance” Facial Serum, which is made with a whole plant blend of licorice, chamomile, echinacea, calendula, burdock, dandelion and passionflower to promote the release of toxins, stimulates immune function on a surface level and reduce inflammation.

meow meow tweet | face oil

kimberlyloc reviews Meow Mew Tweet’s Face Oil, a nourishing face oil blended with organic hempseed, sesame and jojoba oils with organic essential oils of carrot seed, juniper, patchouli and vetiver.