11 beauty resolutions for 2011

makeup brushes

kimberlyloc names her top 11 beauty resolutions for 2011, including washing her makeup brushes more often, wearing sunscreen every day and getting more sleep. What are your beauty resolutions for the new year?

grapeseed oil benefits: grapeseed oil for healthy nails and cuticles

grapeseed oil

New around here? Get my monthly newsletter for even more green beauty goodness. Thanks for visiting!My bathroom counter is filled with all sorts of magic potions. A small canister of grapeseed oil lives along with my tray of perfume and bottles of olive oil and coconut oil. Why so many oils? Doesn’t one size fit all? While olive oil is perfect for almost everything, I …

coconut oil for hair | sunday detox

coconut oil

Imagine me sitting at my desk with organic coconut oil slicked all over my hair, which is piled on top of my head and wrapped in a Minnie Mouse towel turban. Attractive image, no? I’m treating my stressed, fragile hair to a warm coconut oil treatment. Coconut oil is great for hair because it’s loaded with vitamin E and vitamin K, is super-moisturizing and is …

why kimberlyloc?

Kim Wallace at Google Headquarters in Mountain View, California

My name is Kim Wallace. My blog is kimberlylocยฎ (yeap, it’s a registered trademark!). Not Kimberly Loc. Not Kim Loc. Not Kimberlyloc. It’s “kimberlyloc,” but I’ll pretty much answer to any creative conglomeration of this name. But first, let’s go into nitty-gritty details: My name is Kimberly Loc Wallace. But I go by Kim. On social media, you know me as @kimberlyloc. And around the …