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natural beauty buff | marissa waller, beauteabar

Meet Marissa Waller, the yoga-practicing ex-lawyer who runs the BeauTeaBar, a luxury green beauty shop that wants you to have it all: green, clean, beautiful and healthy.

schmidt’s | natural stick deodorant

kimberlyloc reviews Schmidt’s Natural Stick Deodorant, a conveniently packaged funk-fighter made with baking soda, shea butter, coconut oil and more.

botanical babe | natural deodorant cream

kimberlyloc reviews Botanical Babe Natural Deodorant Cream, a natural deodorant made with organic mango butter, coconut oil, baking soda and more.

honestly phresh | deodorant cream

kimberlyloc reviews Honestly pHresh’s Deodorant Cream, a natural deodorant made with shea butter, baking soda, coconut oil and more to keep underarms soft and stink-free.