my first beauty purchases of the new year

beauty purchases of the new year

Fellow product junkies, this post may confuse you … but it may also delight you.

My first three purchases of the New Year aren’t packaged in pretty Miron glass and won’t exactly give you that glow you’re all craving.

Instead, these three beauty purchases are the best enablers of everything in your stash. Let me elaborate.

White Cotton Gloves

After staying in New York with my Korean friend, Jess, and seeing her use some white cotton gloves to cover her super-lotioned-up hands at night, I knew I needed to get some.

While I keep all sorts of lotions and potions by my bedside table, I’m not great about always applying everything before bed because I hate the way these products feel against my sheets.

Behold, cotton gloves.

Layer up as many dense, thick, lotions and balms and then slip on your Michael Jacksons to keep everything contained. Soft, healed skin will greet you in the morning.

Pro tip: If you’re a tech nerd who need to be able to use your iPhone in bed (not me! …), simply cut the tips off of a few fingers. Fancy, huh?

Silk Pillowcase

As a side sleeper — and someone who doesn’t leave a lot of time for herself in the morning — I often wake up with pillowcase lines on my face.

Not anymore, thanks to a smooth, silk pillowcase that keep my face indentation-free and my hair somewhat crease-free. Probably the best $20 I’ve ever spent.

Toe-separating Massage Moisturizing Socks

So, while these aren’t absolutely necessary if you’re just wanting to lotion up your feet and cover them (just wear regular socks!), I love these babies for the true toe-separating power claimed in the name.

My feet have been squished into high heels for years, and while I’m a little more sensible with my footwear these days, my feet still need some gentle stretching and separation. Yoga can only go so far; toe-separating socks allow me to sleep, with moisturizer on, while stretching my toots for several hours a night.

I do, though, somehow end up tugging these off in the middle of the night. But they make it long enough for moisture and massage benefits!

What beauty purchases — product or otherwise — have you started the New Year off with? Tell me in the comments! may include affiliate links to featured products. Not all product links are affiliate links. If you make a purchase from an affiliate link, earns a small commission.

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