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Susanne Norwitz Maya Chia Beauty

With a startup story that spans from communications to cosmetics, Maya Chia founder Susanne Norwitz is something of a kindred spirit.

When she hit her 40s, Susanne left her corporate career to pursue her passion β€” skincare. In 2014, Maya Chia was born, its namesake derived from her deep interest in Mayan culture and a star ingredient: chia seeds!

I’ve had the pleasure of trying Susanne’s gorgeous line (see my review of her famous serum and a pic of her latest creation) and have been impressed by her thoughtful packaging, formulas and overall process.

(Maya Chia uses supercritical extraction, an oxygen- and solvent-free process that results in a cleaner, more beautiful plant oil in her final formulas.)

Today, I’m even more excited to share her favorite product picks, which demonstrate a full support of other women entrepreneurs in the green beauty space. It makes me so happy to see women supporting women who are following their natural skincare dreams. We need more of this.

As usual, I’ve starred the items I also use and love!

Susanne Norwitz Maya Chia Beauty

Susanne Norwitz’s Favorite Health & Beauty Products

Goop Exfoliating Instant Facial

This mask is something else. It feels tingly when you first apply it, but it works amazingly well on my skin. Sometimes I love to feel a product actually doing its thing. You shouldn’t always have to feel something tingle on your skin to let you know it’s effective, but with this product, it’s the case, and it’s the real deal.

*Goldfaden MD Doctor’s Scrub Advanced

I love a great exfoliator, and this fits the bill and then some. But sometimes I find them to be too harsh, or I don’t find them particularly effective. Not so with this microdermabrasion scrub worthy of the MD name that goes along with it. It’s got the power of what you’d find in a doctor’s office without any of the bad chemicals we don’t want.

Coola Rōsillianceβ„’ SPF 30 BB+ Cream

What’s a good list of must-have products without including a sunscreen? Everyone needs a sunblock, and this brand makes a fantastic one with a rose scent and a tinted moisturizer that gives the skin a wonderful, beautiful glow. It smells beautiful, and I love it. No Oompa-Loompa going on here. Just a lovely glow with a power SPF to boot. I’m quite pale, so when I’m feeling the need to look beachy, I reach for this stuff.

*May Lindstrom Skin The Jasmine Garden

Here’s the thing: I’ve been thinking about creating a toner for my line. But I haven’t really felt compelled to do this because I think this one is so beautiful. I love The Jasmine Garden and the way it smells. I think it does a wonderful job of restoring the pH balance to the skin to ready it for products to perform at peak effectiveness. Until I think about how we can improve upon a formula or make something better that doesn’t quite exist just yet, I don’t feel compelled to create.

*Kjaer Weis Cream Blush

This line is super luxe and the formulas are as beautiful as the packaging. When you put this blush in your hand and feel the weightiness of the packaging, it’s like a little gem. A gem that makes you look awake and beautified.

Sodashi Deep Conditioning Hair and Scalp Mud

I live in Charleston, South Carolina, so the humidity can make my naturally wavy, curly hair look like a frizz ball. I can literally walk out of the door feeling I have Cher-like silky hair, and then the next minute it looks like a puff of cotton candy. I’ve learned to love the natural waves of my hair and that your hair looks best when you accept its inherent natural texture. Sidebar: Isn’t that a great metaphor for life? In any case, this stuff really helps condition my hair like nobody’s business. I let it sit on my hair while I relax in the tub or shower.

*Maya Chia The Super Couple Ultra Luxe Face Oil Serum

Astaxanthin is a powerful supplement used to great effect in the supplement world. There’s a spate of clinical studies proving its effectiveness for overall health, including the health of the skin when applied topically. Reading about its tremendous efficacy of this supplement (which is 65X stronger than Vitamin C in combating free radicals) is what prompted us to first place this ingredient in our face oil, the Super Couple, and now in our moisturizing concentrate, the Super Blend. I use this every single day, so this is not meant to be a shameless plug. I really use my own products

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