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You wouldn’t expect the woman behind a one-product skincare line to have an overflowing arsenal of potions, oils and serums — and you shouldn’t.

April Gargiulo, founder of California-based Vintner’s Daughter and its famed Active Botanical Serum, instead approaches beauty with a focus on internal health and wellness.

april gargiulo's favorite products

April’s picks reflect a larger movement of starting with beauty from the inside out — a trend across the beauty industry — and a growing way of life for the beauty-obsessed on the coasts and here in the middle.

That’s not to say you won’t find a few cult-status topicals in her favorites. Hello, Living Luminizer!

But, you will find more gadgets and tools that help with whole-body exfoliation and lymphatic drainage, as well as teas and supplements that cleanse and beautify the body from within.

*Indicates product I also use and love

april gargiulo's favorite products

April Gargiulo’s Favorite Health & Beauty Products

*RMS Living Luminizer

“This product has earned cult status for a reason. It is barely perceptible, but gives you the perfect brightness anywhere you need it.”

Catalyst Gold Supplements

“I quit refined sugar this summer, and I am convinced that these made all the difference.”


“This is the super-est of superfoods and can be added to so many things.”

In Fiore Body Balm

“There are so many versions, and I love them all.”

Pilates ProWorks

“This workout is unlike anything else and for me was a complete body game changer.”

Leaves and Flowers Teas

“These are beautifully crafted teas that nourish and hydrate in the most delicious way.”

Ice Roller

“This is a crazy contraption I bought on Amazon, but I love it. It feels amazing on your skin and takes away A.M. puffiness in a flash.”

*Dry Brush

“I love the ritual of dry brushing for detoxifying the lymphatic system. This brush by Mio is really nice.” may include affiliate links to featured products. Not all product links are affiliate links. If you make a purchase from an affiliate link, earns a small commission.

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