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true organic of sweden all you need is me

With just six ingredients, this intense, multipurpose balm from True Organic of Sweden has what it takes to heal almost any skin condition.

true organic of sweden all you need is me

{True Organic of Sweden sent me a sample of its multi-use body balm called “All You Need is Me.” It costs $19 for a 15 ml tube.}

With its bold name, “All You Need Is Me” by True Organic of Sweden aims to be your ultimate medicine cabinet staple.

Dry lips? Dab this on.

Irritated cheeks? A pinch will do.

Cracked heels? Coat it on.

And while that sounds too good to be true, I can attest to this healing balm’s powers. I’ve used it for all of the above, and my boyfriend used it to soothe his dry, cracked knuckles after a trip to the desert.

true organic of sweden all you need is me multipurpose balm

Here’s the full ingredients list:

Castor Oil, Beeswax, Olive Oil, Shea butter, Vitamin E and Blueberry Seed Oil

“All You Need Is Me” has a thick texture but is easy to massage into your skin. Its protective coating is truly wonderful for chapped skin, but can feel a bit sticky.

Use it on lips for sealed-in moisture, and apply it as an overnight hand and foot treatment with gloves and booties (remember when you used to do that with Vaseline back in the day?).

I like this healing balm for its truly odorless scent (even things like Waxelene have a bit of a …. waxy? … scent) and easy replacement for so many products in your medicine cabinet.

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