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violet herbal face cream

With its virtually weightless and non-greasy texture, Violet Skincare’s Herbal Face Cream offers oily-skinned gals near-perfect moisture and a subtle boost of radiance.

violet herbal face cream

{Violet sent me a sample of its Herbal Face Cream. It costs $42 for a 1-ounce plastic jar.}

Violet Skincare’s Herbal Face Cream is one of the most fast-absorbing, non-shiny face creams I’ve ever used. A pea-sized amount applies evenly, and a gentle massage into the skin leaves zero residue or stickiness.

Instead, your skin is left looking supple and feeling soft — your skin, but better.

violet herbal face cream

I love the texture of this face cream. It’s a soft, silky mint pudding that spreads like a dream and replenishes your skin. Violet Skincare’s Herbal Face Cream is wonderful in winter; it can easily serve as a base layer of moisture before adding additional oil if necessary.

I’m looking forward to using it during warmer weather because it’s so light and airy. This is an oily-skinned girl’s dream face cream!

Here’s what’s inside:

Organic grapeseed oil, organic hemp oil, organic borage oil, organic calendula oil, beeswax, stearic acid, cetyl esters wax, organic liquid chlorophyll, eucalyptus and spearmint essential and fragrance oil blend, spring water, cocoa butter, sodium borate, vitamin e

A perfect combination of light and moisturizing oils, such as grapeseed, hemp and borage, make up the base of this nourishing face cream.

Calendula oil offers healing properties, while beeswax and cocoa butter adds a touch of density to the blend. Violet Skincare’s Herbal Face Cream, though, has such a silky, well-blended texture, that you’d never know it had these thicker ingredients in it.

Liquid chlorophyll, eucalyptus and spearmint add a minty green hue to the face oil. Taken internally, chlorophyll is said to enliven the skin and entire body with a mega shot of greens.

Applied topically, Violet says chlorophyll stimulates skin’s metabolic processes. We’ve seen chlorophyll included in some of our favorite topical masks, so it’s even better to see it included in a product designed to stay on the skin.

Violet notes that this blend is made up of both essential and fragrance oils; I tend to steer away from heavy fragrance oils, but this blend doesn’t irritate my skin or nose.

Same with the inclusion of sodium borate, or borax. It can be a skin irritant in high doses, but in Violet’s Herbal Face Cream, it’s included as the next-to-last ingredient, mostly to help make the thicker ingredients, like beeswax, easily spreadable.

My only wish for this face cream — and all face creams — is that it was packaged in a pump instead of a jar. Sure, glass jars tend to feel more luxurious, but they invite bacteria growth.

It’s not a dealbreaker, but something for all brands to think about (especially if they don’t package in glass to begin with — this face cream is in plastic!).

I’d repurchase and recommend this face cream. I like the texture and ingredients, and I like that I’m getting the formulas from a master facialist (hi, Violet!).

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