introducing kimberlyloc x rachel’s plan bee limited edition jasmine duo

kimberlyloc x rachels plan bee jasmine duo

“Do you have any limited edition jasmine body oils left?”

“This scent is so addictive.”

“Bring back the kimberlyloc x Rachel’s Plan Bee Jasmine Body Oil!”

We heard you!

My signature jasmine-vanilla scent created in collaboration with Rachel’s Plan Bee is back — this time as part of an extremely limited edition “jasmine duo” featuring body oil and body polish.

(Read more about the original collab here.)

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kimberlyloc x rachels plan bee jasmine duo

Thanks to all the wonderful feedback, your favorite jasmine body oil is now paired with a superb body polish to get your skin through the rest of winter.

This is the time of year when my skin gets extremely itchy, flaky, dry and uncomfortable. Body polish and body oil take care of that so easily!

This gentle body polish, made of organic sugar, apricot kernel oil, shea butter and more, got my attention the first time I applied it back in 2014. It easily became a favorite thanks to its whipped-yet-sandy texture that had the perfect balance of grit and oil.

Besides absolutely loving Rachel’s original body polishes, I knew I wanted jasmine body polish to be part of my limited edition collection with Rachel because of my approach to scent-layering.

With natural products, scent can sometimes wear off very quickly. My remedy to this has always been to layer scents as much as possible to extend the life of them: think the same scent of soap, scrub, lotion, oil, perfume — you get the picture.

What an opportunity it was to have Rachel create the perfect base layer to feed my jasmine addiction. This jasmine body polish is the last product I use in the shower, so my entire body is enveloped in this intoxicating scent.

A thin layer of my jasmine body oil — which is incredibly long-lasting itself! — provides an extra does of moisture and basically a guarantee that I’m going to smell like a queen all day long.

I can’t wait for you to experience this new jasmine duo and the beauty it will bring to your skin-pampering rituals. When you get your jasmine duo, please let me know what you think!

After all, your feedback is what made this special surprise happen. I’d love to have more special surprises for you throughout 2016.

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