intelligent nutrients | jasmine spirit essence 100% pure sambac

intelligent nutrients jasmine spirit essence 100% pure sambac

“No perfume without jasmine.”

There’s a reason why this old saying exists. Jasmine, the king of flowers, is the epitome of luxury fragrance, and has been a darling scent of the green beauty world for a while.

That’s why I was so taken by Intelligent Nutrients’ Jasmine Spirit Essence 100% Pure Sambac, potent, alcohol-based, sprayable aromatic perfect for adding a touch of captivating fragrance to hair, body and home.

intelligent nutrients jasmine spirit essence 100% pure sambac

{Intelligent Nutrients sent me a sample of its Jasmine Spirit Essence 100% Pure Sambac for review. It costs $95 for a 1.7-ounce glass spray bottle.}

Made from wildcrafted jasmine sambac flowers sourced from India, Intelligent Nutrients’ Jasmine Spirit Essence takes you straight to an intoxicating field of night-blooming jasmine with just one spritz.

To speak to the potency of this rich essence, it takes just one-half spray to scent my hair and another single spritz to be enough on my body to help layer my scents. Remember, I’m very heavy-handed! You just don’t need much, which means this $95 bottle will last a long time.

(You can see what other jasmine-infused products I love in my #12DaysOfJasmine series — this is post 10!)

Here’s the full ingredients list:

Grain Alcohol, Ethyl Palmate*, Ricinis Communis (Castor)Oil*, Jasminum Sambac (Jasmine) Flower Extract*, Tocopherol (Vitamin E)    *Certified Organic

Intelligent Nutrients uses certified organic jasmine sambac extract, which is subtly sweet upon application with an almost honeysuckle-like finish. In short, mouthwatering without being sickly sweet.

While I wouldn’t exactly call Intelligent Nutrients’ Jasmine Spirit Essence a perfume — that’s why it’s called an essence — it does have very perfume-like qualities in that it’s 1) a spray and 2) based in alcohol. That gives it the long-lasting scent, but without the headaches of conventional perfumes or synthetic scents.

It’s especially wonderful in the hair — I like to spray it into damp hair and then blow dry so the fragrance is intensified and locked in to every layer. I’ve also spritzed it onto my pillow at bedtime for a mind-altering, sexy goodnight kiss into dreamland.

But, I much prefer to keep this precious scent on my body, so using it as an additional layer of scent among my jasmine soaps, body washes, lotions, creams and solid perfumes adds that much more oomph to my scent wardrobe. And isn’t that what this entire series is all about, jasmine lovers?

Though I know it will take me a while to go through Intelligent Nutrients’ Jasmine Spirit Essence, it’s absolutely a repurchase. I love the versatility of it, and the idea of having the pure scent of jasmine in my hair — and anywhere else I choose to spritz this — will have me happily purchasing it again and again.

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