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Let’s face it. The green beauty party is getting bigger, and lots of people, regardless of their background, are getting in on the game.

While I respect founders from all walks of life (models, makeup artists, tinkerers, you name it), there’s nothing that piques my interest more than an approachable scientist-founder who takes the time to not only formulate intelligently, but educate tirelessly so we can all be a little bit smarter about how we spend our money and treat our skin.

That’s what you’ll find in Marie Veronique Nadeau, the former chemistry teacher-turned-skincare entrepreneur who, along with her physicist and bio-medical engineer daughter Jay Nadeau, create innovative, clean beauty products for Marie Veronique Advanced.

marie veronique nadeau

What you won’t find alongside Marie Veronique Advanced’s top-notch, effective ingredients (like vitamin C, encapsulated retinols, antioxidants and more)? BS.

Marie keeps the hyperbole to a minimum and instead focuses on the key actives in her products and the explanations for how everything works in harmony. Her blog is a wealth of information, and I seriously devoured every single post when she relaunched her website.

Keep the posts coming, MVA team! I’m a diehard fan.

Marie is such a shining example of a founder getting into the game (um, more than 10 years ago!) for the right reason: Because she has knowledge to share and an elegant way to deliver it — with skincare that does what it says it will do and looks beautiful to boot.

Read on to learn why Marie started Marie Veronique Advanced (MVA) and to see what health and beauty products she loves.

As usual, I’ve starred the items I also use and love. If you’re interested in reading more of my thoughts on the line, visit my Marie Veronique archive! So many more reviews to come, but if you’re impatient, I truly adore and recommend Serum de Jour, Gentle Retinol Serum and Eye Recovery Serum.

marie veronique advanced green beauty products

“I started Marie Veronique because I couldn’t find products that were gentle enough for me and actually showed results, so all of the skin care I use is from my line. These are the products I never go without.”

Marie Veronique Advanced Everyday Coverage SPF 30

“This will always be the last thing I put on each morning. I love it because I know that I’m getting the best full-spectrum protection that’s available with non-nano zinc oxide and a host of other protective ingredients, while it calms and evens my skin.”

Marie Veronique Advanced Rejuvenating Face Oil, Extra Healing

“This is what I use morning and night to moisturize. It’s safe around eyes and lips, and it really penetrates skin to deliver all the goodness to the deepest layers of skin. It also helps my serums penetrate better”

Marie Veronique Advanced Gentle Retinol Serum

“This is from my new PRO Collection, and one of our best-selling products. I absolutely love it! It delivers 7 percent retinol without any irritation, and that’s a big deal because my skin is definitely reactive to harsh products.”

Marie Veronique Advanced Cleanser de Jour

“My newest product, this is a cleanser I actually love (not a fan of cleansers in general) and use twice a day. It is so moisturizing and it will remove my sunscreen easily. I’ve also heard from my friends, customers and team at MVA that it removes really tough — even waterproof — eye makeup easily.”

Peet’s Coffee & Tea

“I seem to always have my shops close to a Peet’s Coffee and Tea, and I am a fan of great tea. I love their hot and iced green and black tea, especially my morning cup of Earl Grey with half and half.”

*Organic, Whole Milk Plain Yogurt

“Besides eating it, I use it to clean my face and make masks. It’s a great moisturizer and gentle exfoliator because of the lactic acid, and it helps keep our microbiota balanced. (I get different brands, but try to keep it local.)”

*Zuzu Lipsticks & ILIA Lipsticks

“These are my go-to choice for safe, beautiful lip colors.”

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