aroma m beauty | camellia body and bath oil

aroma m beauty camellia bath body oil

There’s just something about camellia oil that makes my heart swoon.

And Maria McElroy of Aroma M Beauty figured out the perfect cocktail of floral essential oils to combine with camellia oil to capture a flirtatious yet sophisticated bath and body oil that may make your heart swoon, too.

aroma m beauty camellia bath body oil

{Aroma M Beauty sent me a small sample of its Camellia Body/Bath Oil. It retails for $60 for a 100 ml bottle. Photo Courtesy Aroma M Beauty}

Jasmine, geranium, frankincense, neroli and Moroccan rose oils dance together in this bottle of heaven and charge you with a feeling of freshness and aromatic bliss.

As much as I go on about loving the scent of jasmine, it does have more to offer than just a pretty smell.

Jasmine oil is also known for its ability to help reduce wrinkles and fine lines and soothe the skin. It also is said to offer a naturally calming effect to the nervous system, so imagine the goodness of using it head to toe in this lovely body oil.

Pairing jasmine with geranium oil, another favorite of mine, was strategic as well: Geranium oil helps stimulate circulation and reduce stress. Can you see how this is also wonderful as a bath oil?

The addition of frankincense and neroli offer antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, keeping skin toned and free of blemishes while smoothing and healing any irritated areas. Moroccan rose oil furthers these properties and ups the sexy factor with the exotic, deeply complex scent of roses.

The carrier oils — camellia, grapeseed and golden jojoba — keep this body oil light yet ultra thirst-quenching, leaving your skin with a dewy sheen without the overly saturated feeling that some body oils can leave.

Camellia oil is something of a gem in that its hypoallergenic while remaining deeply nourishing. Grapeseed and golden jojoba oils mix in to offer additional layers of antioxidants and protection. Expect a glow!

Aroma M Beauty’s Camellia Body and Bath Oil is absolutely on my repurchase list.

With an ingredients list comprised of all my favorite essential oils and a base of exotic camellia with oldies but goodies grapeseed and jojoba, how could I not want it?

I may even be as bold to say that this could be a signature scent for me!

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