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hana organic skincare gentle cleanser

For the longest time, I just used an oil or balm and a hot compress to remove my makeup / cleanse my face before bed.

I never had any issue with this process, but sometimes a gentle double cleanse gives you that fresh-from-the-spa feeling and preps your skin for a night of regeneration and renewal with no barriers.

HANA Organic Skincare’s Gentle Cleanser lives up to its name and works well for both morning and evening cleanses, though I prefer to use it at night after an oil cleanse.

hana organic skincare gentle cleanser

{HANA Organic Skincare sent me a sample of its Gentle Cleanser, which retails for $28 for a 100 ml black glass pump bottle.}

At first pump, I was a bit skeptical of this clear cleanser.

It’s super watery and runny (probably because it’s made with castile soap, which is notoriously slippery), but if you are careful about how you pump it into the palm of your hand, you won’t lose much product.

Mixed with water, HANA Organic Skincare’s Gentle Cleanser creates a delightful foam that’s satisfying to use.

In a world of oils, balms and creams, a real, foaming cleanser feels like those products I used to use before I entered the world of green beauty, but with cleaner, gentler ingredients.

Speaking of, here’s the entire ingredients list:

Organic rose hydrosol; organic castile soap; organic jojoba oil; organic geranium and neroli essential oils

As you can see, it’s short, simple and sweetened with the scent of rose, geranium and neroli.

I think the rose hydrosol is an extremely soothing counter to castile soap, as I’ve attempted to wash my face with Dr. Bronner’s before to a bit of a drying effect.

With that said, though, many of you may just try to DIY a cleanser like this. I thought the same thing; the ingredients are very accessible.

Although I really love this cleanser — its simplicity, its sexy Miron glass packaging, its founder story (interview to come!) — I wonder what it would be like if it had a few more hard-to-find, skin-beneficial ingredients inside?

Or maybe I just need to embrace the “less is more” approach and continue loving on HANA Organic Skincare’s Gentle Cleanser.

What do you look for in a face cleanser? Have you tried anything from HANA Organic Skincare? Tell me in the comments!



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