lollique beauté | hydrating dead sea mud masque

lollique beaute hydrating dead sea mud masque

Though I’m an oily-skinned girl, during the change in seasons, my skin freaks out and develops dry patches, flakes and is in utter confusion about what it’s supposed to be.

To help it remember, I try to ramp up on the moisturizing oils and creams and introduce a hydrating mask on occasion to get my skin back to its naturally supple state.

One mask that’s been a multipurpose all-star lately is Lollique Beauté’s Hydrating Dead Sea Mud Masque.

lollique beaute hydrating dead sea mud masque

{I received a sample of Lollique Beauté’s Hydrating Dead Sea Mud Masque via my friends at OpenSky. A 12-ounce jar costs $53 and a 6-ounce jar costs $27.}

lollique beaute hydrating dead sea mud masque

Unlike most hydrating masks I’ve tried, which are typically glorified face creams that you wash off, Lollique Beauté’s Hydrating Dead Sea Mud Masque feels extremely active (read: tingly) from the get-go.

Lollique Beauté’s Hydrating Dead Sea Mud Masque is also different from common moisturizing masks in that its base is a combination of Dead Sea mud and kaolin clay, both popular for their purifying effects rather than known for their hydrating properties.

Because of its extremely active nature (thanks, mud and clay!), Lollique Beauté recommends using this mask for just 5-10 minutes and not letting it dry like most clay masks; keep it moist or wash it off before it gets hard to maximize the moisturizing benefits vitamin E, collagen, coconut oil and wheat protein.

For my personal use, I can only have Lollique Beauté’s Dead Sea Mud Masque on for the five-minute minimum; this mask’s stimulation is hard to describe! If you’re sensitive, this probably isn’t the mask for you.

Upon rinsing, the tingling intensifies just a bit, and once it’s all off, my skin feels very awakened and soft. It’s a bit surprising, as most clay masks I’ve tried leave me feeling tight and itchy.

The combination of Dead Sea minerals, clay and hydrating ingredients give this mask an interesting balance that my skin begs for this time of year.

Here’s the full ingredients list:

Dead Sea (black) mud, organic extra virgin coconut oil, white kaolin clay, panthenol DL vitamin B5, collagen, amber extract, vitamin E, wheat protein, silk amino acids, coffee absolute, cocoa absolute

In case you’re wondering, yes, Lollique Beauté’s Dead Sea Mud Masque has a wonderful, light cocoa-and-coffee scent, and Lollique points out that these ingredients were added mainly for the aromatherapy benefits. I approve.

Though I have an incredible arsenal of masks, including pre-mixed and dry clays, once I’m out of my sample, this mask is one I’m going to repurchase.

The radiance I get immediately after use is well-worth it, and I’m excited to experiment with this mask in the morning; I can easily spare five minutes pre-shower to mask up, wake up and get glowing!

As with many reviews this week, if you’re interested in scooping up some of your own Lollique Beauté Hydrating Dead Sea Mud Masque, take advantage of the new-member credit offered via OpenSky!

You can get a $10 credit (or 20 percent off coupon, max of $10) when you join (new members only).

(I do not receive compensation if you purchase through OpenSky; this is just a really good deal that I wanted to share!)

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