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soapgirl soaps from dallas, texas

For the longest time, I was a body wash type of girl.

It wasn’t until I uncovered the beauty of handcrafted, gentle soaps that my outlook changed and I started ordering more pretty, packaged soaps for my bathroom.

Don’t get me wrong — I still love the slip and slide of a good body wash! — but there’s something fun about finishing a bar of soap and choosing which displayed soap will come with me into the shower for a good scrubbing.

Wow, I really just obsessed a bit about soap. #LifeOfABeautyAddict #SoapGirl

soapgirl soaps from dallas, texas

{I received samples of SoapGirl soaps via OpenSky to test and review. Each bar of soap costs $6.}

Speaking of being a #SoapGirl, my latest discovery is this fun little line out of Dallas, Texas, called — wait for it — SOAPGIRL.

The minimalist packaging and cute logo design caught my eye as I was perusing the OpenSky website in search of products to review.

(Yeap, this is another great brand you can get via OpenSky and redeem a $10 credit or 20 percent off coupon, max of $10 if you join as a new member — and no, I don’t receive any compensation if you shop through OpenSky … just sharing a good deal with you!).

I opted for a fun fall scent (Orange + Chai) and a peppy, citrus scent (Grapefruit + Sea Salt) to see how the SOAPGIRL team captures two very different aromas.

soapgirl soaps dallas texas

But before we get into all that, can we just take a moment to look at the texture at the end of these SOAPGIRL bars?

Orange and calendula peels adorn the end of the Orange + Chai bar while pink Himalayan sea salt steals the show in the Grapefruit + Sea Salt bar.

soapgirl soaps dallas texas

OK, so back to scent. As you can see above, the ingredients lists are short and simple, but the scents are anything but.

SOAPGIRL Orange + Chai Soap Ingredients: Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Water, Shea Butter, Sodium Hydroxide, Essential & Fragrance Oils, Kaolin, Orange Peel, Calendula Petals, Iron Oxide, Ultramarine Pink

SOAPGIRL Grapefruit + Sea Salt Soap Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Sea Salt, Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Shea Butter, Essential Oil, Kaolin, Ultramarine Pink

SOAPGIRL Orange + Chai was bursting with bright, citrusy goodness and a shot of warm chai. I was expecting a spicier scent from this soap, but loved the fresh-squeezed scent of orange balanced with spice.

SOAPGIRL Orange + Chai could easily be your year-round soap scent-wise because it doesn’t feel too attached to a season the way something like pumpkin spice could.

Grapefruit + Sea Salt isn’t as intense as I would have expected. It has a nice, light citrus scent anchored by the beautiful pink sea salt. This soap won’t compete with any scents you may layer on post-shower, which is a plus!

The inclusion of real chunks of sea salt on the edge of the bar makes for a legit exfoliating experience, but be careful with it on sensitive areas — the salt rocks aren’t too rounded, so you can get a bit of an abrasive rub on first use!

As the bar softens, the salted edge becomes a little more enjoyable to run across your body.

All in all, I’m stoked that I found another soapmaker whose scents and packaging I truly adore.

I’ll be bringing more SOAPGIRL scents home with me soon (got my eye on Anise + Lemongrass and Peppermint + Poppyseed).

At $6 a pop, you can scoop up several of the handcrafted soaps without feeling like you’re breaking the bank but also knowing that your more-expensive-than-Irish-Spring soap purchase is helping a woman entrepreneur in Dallas make the world a little bit cleaner and greener.

Do you like handcrafted soaps? Ever tried SOAPGIRL? What are your favorite startup soap companies? Tell me in the comments section! may include affiliate links to featured products. Not all product links are affiliate links. If you make a purchase from an affiliate link, earns a small commission.

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