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kimberlyloc splurge tinted lip buttah

Tinted lip balms may be one of my favorite inventions.

When you’re like me (chronically late, perpetually impatient, always hungry), you need a simple lippie that will make your lips feel good and look a little better than usual.

Splurge Skincare’s Tinted Lip Buttah is one of those lippies that achieves just that.

kimberlyloc splurge tinted lip buttah

{Splurge Skincare sent me samples of its Tinted Lip Buttah in “Fling,” “Going Steady” and “In Love.” Here, I’m wearing “Fling.” It costs $7 for a 0.15-ounce tube. [Note: I took these pictures a long time ago, so my hair looks a bit longer and my skin a bit clearer.])

While I’m not sure there’s anything out of the ordinary about Splurge’s Tinted Lip Buttahs (I’ve raved about other tinted lip balms on the blog before), I think what drew me to these lippies is the smooth babassu oil that anchors the ingredients list.

kimberlyloc splurge tinted lip buttah

Similar to coconut oil, babassu oil is extremely emollient and soothes dry, chapped lips and parched skin. I haven’t seen too many products with babassu (aside from some great hair products I’ve tried), and I think it’s interesting to use this super oil for a tinted lippie. It’s so softening!

Here’s the full ingredients list:

babassu oil, organic cocoa butter, beeswax, sweet almond oil, organic castor oil, peppermint essential oil, alkanet root powder, vitamin E

In addition to the soothing babassu oil and light plum coloring of Splurge Skincare’s “Fling,” I really love the little taste of peppermint I get with every subtle lick of the lips.

Though it doesn’t do much to cover onion breath (don’t get too close), it’s a nice little treat with every application.

If Splurge Skincare’s lippies are readily available for purchase, I’d happily scoop up some more! This isn’t a “must-have” lippie for me, but I’ll probably be saying something different when I’m down to just one tube of tinted lip balm. I have an addiction!

Have you tried anything from Splurge Skincare? Do you like tinted lip balms, or do you prefer deep, colorful lipsticks? Tell me in the comments section!


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