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odacite founder valerie grandury natural beauty buff

As I research new beauty brands and their founders, breast cancer tends to be the common link that drives these women entrepreneurs to launch their skincare and beauty lines.

Valerie Grandury of Odacite is a perfect example of one such founder who took action post-diagnosis and launched her freshly made skincare line to serve her own needs as well as those of the ones she loves (that’s people like me and you!).

odacite founder valerie grandury natural beauty buff

I’ve been fortunate enough to have had a chance to try several items from Valerie’s line (including her blueberry face oil and jojoba bead scrub) and love how special each product feels — because it’s made just for you!

Today Valerie is sharing a peek inside her own personal beauty regimen, demonstrating how she’s committed to using the line she created post-diagnosis as well as other clean beauty products she happens to carry in her Southern California eco-boutique, The Detox Market.

odacite founder valerie grandury natural beauty buff

Odacité Vitamin C Facial Serum “An Autumn on The World”

“For my daily dose of high performance vitamin C. It keeps my skin firm and gives it the strength to resist wrinkles. I never leave home without it!”

Odacité Rose Neroli Facial Mist

“Always in my purse! It’s the fastest way to refresh my complexion any time during the day. I mist it on top of my makeup, and it gives me an instant glow. Plus it smells divine!

Kide Bronzer

“Most amazing line of mineral powder from Finland. I use this bronzer every day to give me a sun-kissed look without the sun exposure.”

Honoré des Prés “Love Coconut” Perfume

“Honoré des Prés is the only brand that I found does sophisticated high-end perfume sans the bad stuff. Just amazing.”

Kure Bazaar Nail Polish

“Amazing colors, and stays on forever. [I get my nails done at] Olive & June — they have every single color! Plus, I can get my pure, organic mani/pedi here. Win, win!”

La Bella Dona Mineral Sunscreen

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