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yun li yuli skincare natural beauty buff

I’ve been waiting for the perfect time to share this natural beauty buff profile with you.

As we approach the end of New York Fashion Week, it seems fitting to feature a cult brand that is quietly taking the modern luxury world by storm: Meet Yun Li, cofounder of Yuli Skincare.

yun li yuli skincare natural beauty buff

Yun and her friends started Yuli Skincare in an effort to bring high-performance, clean skincare grounded in science to the natural beauty market.

Armed with chemistry and natural sciences degrees as well as deeply personal experiences struggling with acne, scarring and skin irritation, Yun brings an impressive (and quite relatable!) point of view to the green beauty world.

While many brands in the green beauty market focus simply on creating beautiful products made from natural ingredients, my perception of Yuli Skincare is that it’s focused on delivering specific results for common skincare needs without creating one-off products with supreme marketing.

This is just my perception, though, after having Yuli on the radar for more than a year now, thanks to the in-depth reviews from my girl Neimans Idealist.

I hope to soon share my deeper impressions about this line: Last night, I finally ordered my first batch of Yuli products to try for myself to see just how well this line will perform with my always-struggling skin.

Though I typically feature beauty startup founders whose products I’ve tested before, it just seemed right to give you a sneak peek inside Yun’s bag as I prepare to experience this line myself in the coming weeks.

In case you’re wondering, I ordered Cell Perfecto PM and Panacea Elixir. They are starred below because I should be receiving them soon, and the other starred products are also ones I use and love. Look for a review of both within about four to six weeks.

yun li yuli skincare natural beauty buff

Margiela Bag

“This bag is functional and is the perfect size. It fits everything I need, yet it’s small enough to put into larger bags for the gym or traveling. Plus it goes with everything.”

Yuli Skincare Cellular Lip Conditioner

“I love the sheer, silky texture of this and the fact that it actively conditions lips without coating it under waxes. We made sure this was 100 percent food-grade and vegan-friendly because a lot of what we put on our lips gets digested.”

*Yuli Skincare Panacea Elixir

“My instant rejuvenator. It is uplifting in every way and immediately makes my skin come alive. I credit this gentle elixir with keeping my skin glowing and clean. I don’t go anywhere without this.”


“Sometimes I just see the most incredible bloom and a camera phone just doesn’t do it justice.”

Intensae Nail Lacquer in Heathers

“I use these 5-free polishes from Intensae and the colors are great and wear really well. I’ve been looking around for the perfect red, and I’ve found it in this polish. The guys behind it are cool as well.”

Mod Bag from the Yuli Skincare Immaculate Kit

“These bags are from our collaboration with fashion designer Melissa Fleis. Our first collaboration sold out so we decided to come out with these Black Edition bags that are black on carbon. They’re sleek and high quality, as they’re handcrafted by Melissa in her studio.”


“I used to think melatonin just didn’t work for me until a friend gave me these to try on a trip. It worked wonderfully, and I’ve been buying them ever since.”

*Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler

“A classic. This has been a part of my routine since high school. I haven’t used another eyelash curler since.”

Similasan Computer Eye Relief

“If I have to look at computer screens and cell phones all day, then I’ll use this every few hours and do eye exercises to relieve the strain.”

yun li yuli skincare natural beauty buff kimberlyloc blog


“A tip for those who get blemishes along their hairline: Wear hairbands when working out. I always set aside time to work out as it helps me think clearly and focus.”

“One of my favorite places to go is Maiden Lane Studio located in the heart of San Francisco, where I spend a lot of time working on product development. Their apparatus is top-notch and the team has a holistic focus on pairing physical fitness with mind-body health. They also carry our line which is great if I forget to bring my bottle of elixir.”

My co-founder who is traveling with me is different. Here’s what he had on hand during a recent trip to Germany.

yun li yuli skincare natural beauty buff kimberlyloc blog

Ferragamo Leather Briefcase Bag

“The dopp kit is our Mod Bag from our collaboration with Melissa Fleis


Yuli Skincare Cellular Lip Conditioner

“When I travel, the dry cabin air seems to render lip balms ineffective. This product is perfect for keeping my lips protected for long flights.”

Yuli Skincare Mr. Incredible

“I love products that are multi-functional, especially for travel. This makes shaving an experience and not a chore. The serum leaves my skin moisturized and supple, and every time I take in the scent, I just want to high-five Yun for figuring out a way to make something smell so good and be so pure.”

Yuli Skincare Cocoon Elixir

“Jetlag, dry cabin air and travel in general can sometimes cause my skin to act out, which is why I always have this soothing facial mist on hand.”

Yuli Skincare Prototype Product

“Yun and her team of chemists are always playing around with new product concepts, and I end up using these to give realistic feedback from every day use. This is a cream they developed and sent to me one day before my trip.”


“I just work better when I stay on top of my oral hygiene.”

*iPad & Samsung Galaxy S4

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