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kimberlyloc britanie faith gina debacker caro during a night for green beauty

My apologies for being a bit quiet on the blog lately — I hope you have been able to follow along via Twitter and Instagram for real-time updates during the past few days!

I’ll be back to a regular posting schedule this week — until then, here’s a recap of my time in New York City during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

kimberlyloc britanie faith gina debacker caro during a night for green beauty

{To kick off my stay in New York City, my friends Carolyn (my left) and Gina (far right)  joined me at “A Night for Green Beauty,” where we met my lovely beauty blogging friends (including Britanie Faith!) and some of my favorite natural beauty company founders. The event was packed full of familiar faces, new products and lots of energy. Thank you to La Bella Figura for planning and executing this amazing gathering!}

gina kimberlyloc may lindstrom victoria fantauzzi la bella figura

{Wednesday’s travels and green beauty event really took it out of me. On Thursday, Gina and I slept in, had brunch with Laurie of 312 Beauty and then headed downtown to meet up with the beautiful May Lindstrom for afternoon tea. As we were preparing to leave, “Aunt Victoria” (as she is so lovingly referred to by May and her husband Robert on behalf of their baby girl, Talia) of La Bella Figura was popping over for a visit. It was a treat to connect on a more intimate level with two of my favorite natural skincare company founders. I’m not sure what this says about me, but I was never starstruck by meeting any of the beauty founders — every single one of them comes off the exact same way they do via email and social media: genuine and warm. That’s what I love about this community.}

mercedes benz fashion week p'trique project runway noon by noor

{Friday was fashion show day for Gina and me. We kicked off our run at Lincoln Center with the Project Runway finale show (sooooo good!) followed by Noon by Noor and the Nautica men’s show. I have to say, though, the highlight of my day at Lincoln Center was spotting my girl P’Trique.}

gita woosley mimi and chichi kimberlyloc mercedes benz fashion week ramen venexiana

{On Saturday, Gina and I hit up brunch with my friend Carolyn, wandered around Central Park and explored the natural history museum before heading back to Lincoln Center for our final show of the weekend: Venexiana. We joined my girl Gita of Mimi and Chichi for the show, which featured 73 flowy, drapey dresses — this one was my favorite. Post-show, we calmed my ramen craving by heading to Hide-Chan in Midtown East. It’s a fashion week tradition!} may include affiliate links to featured products. Not all product links are affiliate links. If you make a purchase from an affiliate link, earns a small commission.

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