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the organic pharmacy rose balm

As I continue to (attempt to) streamline my beauty supplies, I’m finding myself more and more attracted to multipurpose products that can heal dry patches from head to toe.

Non-sticky balms that can moisturize my lips, cheeks and cuticles earn a spot on my desk or in my bag, and my new favorite for the end of summer and beginning of fall is The Organic Pharmacy’s Rose Balm.

the organic pharmacy rose balm

{The Organic Pharmacy sent me a sample of its Rose Balm, which retails for $50 for a 10 ml tub.}

Packed with several plant oils and light, beautiful rose, this multipurpose beauty balm can easily serve as a base layer for fragrance; rose tends to be a note in most of the florals I’m drawn to, so this balm just helps prolong the scent.

Here’s the entire ingredients list for The Organic Pharmacy’s Rose Balm:

Sunflower Oil, Virgin Olive Oil, Rose, Beeswax, Marigold Extract, Rose Geranium, Argan Oil, Vitamin E, Rose Hip Oil, Shea Butter, Hypericum Perforatum

For daily use, I like to massage this fast-drying rose balm onto my cuticles and dab it onto my cheeks for a bit of moisture sans shine. At night, it’s amazing as an eyelash conditioning treatment; just slick a bit onto your fingers and apply to your lashes!

I also use this rose balm to tame the pesky hairs that get out of place in my pixie do; sometimes I get a little nauseated when I use hairspray, so The Organic Pharmacy Rose Balm is definitely the natural solution to keeping my locks in place during the day! (It doesn’t replace my usual pomade, though.)

The Organic Pharmacy’s Rose Balm is also great at keeping eyebrows in place. Though I’m not blessed with bushy brows, they can still get a little out of whack depending how I sleep (read: face smooshed into the pillow), so this is a natural alternative to conventional brow waxes.

I could probably think of 15 more uses for this multipurpose balm! One thing’s for sure: I’ll be keeping this handy throughout the changing seasons to keep my skin in check.

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