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kimberlyloc makeup of the day glamour girl

I haven’t done a “makeup of the day” post in four months because I’ve convinced myself that nobody really cares that I wear brown and gold eyeshadow on a regular basis.

Somehow, though, I felt inspired to get a little bit more glam this week and had my DSLR handy for some pics. I tend to keep my makeup simple and understated at work, and rarely go anywhere on the weekends that calls for a little oomph (wow, am I sounding lame or what?), but this was the day that I went all out and even put mascara on my lower lashes (yeah, I never do that, either…too messy!).

New leaves are turning, y’all. Here’s my “glamour girl” makeup of the day look:

kimberlyloc makeup of the day glamour girl

{You can see a big difference between today’s post and yesterday’s post, no?}

kimberlyloc makeup of the day glamour girl

kimberlyloc makeup of the day glamour girl

kimberlyloc makeup of the day glamour girl

With this pixie cut (which I got chopped a bit more on Saturday), I make a priority to do my brows and eyes up a little more since there’s so much more focus on my face.

For the past week, though, I’d been forgoing the mascara and liner and definitely felt a bit naked. Shows how much a little paint can liven things up!

Here’s what I used to achieve this “glamour girl” makeup of the day look:

how to get the glamour girl look on

RMS “Un” Cover-up in #22

This is my second pot of RMS “Un” Cover-up. You can read my first thoughts on it here. I feel like I’ve mastered this coconut-oil based concealer; I used to hate it because it slipped around all the time! It’s now on my “products I’d repurchase” list (and like I said, I’m on pot number two that I’ve purchased!).

*Alima Pure Satin Matte Foundation in Olive 1

I’m new to the whole mineral foundation game, but after priming myself with another favorite, I’ve moved on to the fabulous and popular Alima Pure line to get an even closer color match. Alima Pure boasts more than 60 shades of mineral foundation, and I feel like I’ve got a perfect match in “Olive 1,” which plays up my olive-yellow undertones and doesn’t wash me out. This foundation is extremely clean (just four ingredients) and the company is just too fun to interact with on social media. I recommend Alima Pure!

*Dior “Diorshow” Brow Styler

No parabens, but contains talc and mineral oil. What’s with me and my dirty brow products? I use this to fill in additional gaps left after I’ve filled in my brows with the powder. You can read more here.

Anastasia Brow Ex-press Kit

It’s not natural but I like it. You can read more here.

Tarte Clean Slate 360 Creaseless Smoothing Eye Primer

I must use eyeshadow primers or else my lids are creased and unsightly by mid-day. Before converting to Tarte’s primer, I was an Urban Decay fan — but the parabens had to go. Once I finished my final tube of it, I switched to Tarte and it’s performed just as well (if not better!) than Urban Decay’s cult primer potion.

Eyeko London Skinny Liquid Eyeliner in “Navy”

I love my Eyeko London eyeliners. Black is my typical go-to color for every day, but sometimes it’s fun to use a different color, like navy, to get a little more color around my chocolate-brown eyes. Eyeko liners are a repeat purchase for me thanks to their ease of use and array of fun colors.

*Pacifica Eyeshadows in “Mermaid Aqua” and “Treasure” from the Wanderlust Beauty Set

The eyeshadows are the best thing in the Pacifica Wanderlust Beauty Set. I use the brown “Treasure” color regularly, but for this look, I layered “Mermaid Aqua” on my lids first and then blended in “Treasure.” The result was a pretty, iridescent blue-brown that worked beautifully with the navy liner. See, I can branch out from brown! (But not too far …)

Shu Uemura Gold Eyelash Curler

Holy grail lash curler. I’ve featured it in every makeup of the day post, rely on it when I decide to go sans mascara and would take it on a deserted island with me.

100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Ultra Lengthening 100% Natural Mascara

This mascara is new to my collection, and I’ve only worn it a handful of times. It gives a much more natural darkening and lengthening, but I kind of like it!

Honestly, I tend to rush through my mascara application and then complain about the results. For this look, I took my time and even dressed my lower lashes in mascara. The curves of this brush made that process super-easy and can I just say that this mascara smells amazing? Like fresh fruit … because that’s what 100% Pure is all about!

I haven’t done many standalone mascara reviews (just this one) because of how tedious the photo process is, but may be inspired to bring it back after playing with this new paint.

*Alima Pure Satin Matte Blush in Honey Rose

I love the warm, peachy coloring of this blush. Be careful with it, though — the color payoff is amazing for a mineral blush, so go lightly with it!

*Pacifica Radiant Shimmer Coconut Multiples in “Bronzed” and “Moonlit

Lately I’ve been reaching for this trio of highlighters instead of my trusty RMS Living Luminizer. I use the “Bronzed” color to sculpt my cheekbones a bit more, and then apply “Moonlit” down the bridge of my nose, around my eyes and brow bone and on my forehead, right above the space between where my eyebrows meet. The shimmering highlighter feel powdery and have a dry finish and deliver a hint of color — nothing too saturated or bold here!

RMS Beauty “Un” Powder

I was finally in a place to buy this in-person (it’s been sold out a lot online!), and I’ve been experimenting with it for the past week. It’s lovely as a setting powder and leaves this seriously soft finish that feels like silk and baby powder — but no white residue! Though it is an additional step in your makeup routine, it’s worth it if you want to lock in your look. I’ll be playing with this a bit more to see if it can keep my RMS Beauty cream eyeshadow from creasing so much.

Tarte LipSurgence Natural Matte Lip Color in “Envy”

These Tarte lippies make me so happy. I love the chubby stick applicator and the minty tingle they bring to my lips. “Envy” got my attention because, well, my selection of berry and purple lip colors is small and this seemed to be the perfect, wearable shade to add to that drawer. If you’ve never tried Tarte’s LipSurgence lippies, you must! They are a reasonable price, last a long time and come in some beautiful colors to flatter every skin tone.

What’s on your face today? Have you tried any of the products I mentioned in this post? What else should I try? Tell me in the comments section!

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