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hollow and ridge essential oil fragrance blends

I’ve steered clear of conventional perfumes for quite a while now.

It’s been difficult to replace my complex, once-staple scents, but as I’ve been discovering more and more natural perfumes, I’m uncovering what natural essences I’m actually drawn to and what real fragrance notes should smell like.

That’s why it should be no surprise that my favorite blend from a recent essential oil fragrance sampling of Hollow & Ridge was the sexy “Arouse,” a concoction made with my all-time favorite jasmine layered with vetiver, neroli and lavender and blended in jojoba oil.

hollow and ridge essential oil fragrance blends

{Hollow & Ridge sent me these samples of its Arouse, Calm and Balance fragrance blends. Full-size 3mL glass bottles cost $38.}

Hollow & Ridge “Arouse”

hollow and ridge arouse

{Photo Courtesy Hollow & Ridge}

Hollow & Ridge’s “Arouse” essential oil blend can be worn as a light daytime perfume or, as with any aromatherapy product, used when you’re trying to evoke a mood.

True to its name, “Arouse” is sweet and sexy thanks to floral and citrus notes, but well-grounded with earthy vetiver for a more seductive appeal.

I’ll be adding a full-size of “Arouse” to my growing natural perfume collection. It’s different from my other jasmine fragrances that tend to be more floral. “Arouse” is perfect for evening!

Hollow & Ridge “Balance”

hollow and ridge balance fragrance essential oil

{Photo Courtesy Hollow & Ridge}

I received a full-size sample of “Balance.” This is the most masculine of the three oil samples; I’d say this is a great unisex fragrance because the lavender and rose otto oils work well to lighten up the strong patchouli and vetiver.

While it’s the least favorite of the three I sampled, it’s a lovely scent to dab on your fingers and run through your hair for a quick refresher.

Hollow & Ridge “Calm”

hollow and ridge calm fragrance essential oil

{Photo Courtesy Hollow & Ridge}

“Calm” is a blend of petitgrain, geranium, rose otto and lavender.

It’s no wonder founder Issa Dixon says all of the oils in this blend brought her peace throughout moments in her life. We all are well-aware of the relaxing effects of lavender, and rose otto is one of those scents that immediately brings you to a happy place. Geranium keeps the floral goodness coming yet is also a bit uplifting, too.

I keep this blend at the office for those stressful moments that call for a chill pill — or, a dose of calm, literally.

So, beyond these first impressions of the fragrances themselves, I’m taken with Issa’s point of view on and commitment to natural beauty.

To start her small oil blending business, she purchased a ten-gallon copper still, found some friends who grew lavender and got to making some oil. I love her simple approach to her product.

Because Issa creates small batches, she’s able to tinker a bit with notes and layers before committing to the right blend, which has to have both therapeutic benefits and an alluring scent.

After more than 200 tries, we have “Arouse,” “Balance” and “Calm.” I love that she hasn’t just created the same old song and dance that you can find in most readily available natural oil blends, and that she hasn’t just released straight EOs.

Issa’s creativity in blending as well as her vision in packaging her goodies excites me as I await what’s next for Hollow and Ridge. Even if it’s just three blends at a time, I’m ready to follow — and dab, sniff and breathe — with every release to come.

Do you wear natural fragrances? Have you tried anything from Hollow & Ridge? Tell me in the comments section!


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