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best hair styling products for a pixie cut

So it’s day three rocking the pixie, and I’ve been scouring the web for ideas on how to style my new chop.

Before we get into the products I’ve armed myself with, I first wanted to present you with the two inspirations that lead me to my dream pixie cut: Michelle Williams and Shannyn Sossamon.

best hair styling products for a pixie cut

Their cuts and styling are just everything — flirty and feminine yet polished and chic without looking overly “done.”

As I continue to experiment with my new ‘do, I’ll share what I’m learning about styling a pixie cut. For now, though, I leave you with the five products that are in my pixie styling rotation.

And, if you can believe it, I already owned four of them pre-pixie! I did pick up a jar of (not exactly natural) pomade post-cut, mostly for exploratory reasons and for a little comfort in knowing that I’d have something to experiment with before I do a completely natural pixie product search.

(Just keepin’ it real with you guys.)

hair products to style a pixie cut

1. Pre-heat Styling Aids

I’ve been using some sort of pre-heat styling aid regardless of my hair length for a while now. While my picks aren’t totally pure, they work well at adding a bit of thickness and texture to my hair and keep it from drying to a super-slick, clean feeling.

  • Bumble & bumble Grooming Creme: Nope, not natural. Like, at all. It has parabens and propylene glycol in it, which are super big no-no’s, but alas, I’m at the bottom of my travel size container and am counting on you to help me figure out a solid replacement for it!
  • Kevin Murphy Full Again Thickening Lotion: I can use this very sparingly (as in, away from my roots) to add a bit of thickness to my hair. Thankfully, it’s paraben-free, though it does contain phenoxyethanol and dimethicone, which I can live with. Still, it’d be great to find one lovely, natural product to replace both of these pre-heat styling aids.

2. Texturizing Agents

Aww, the wonderful world of creams, pomades, pastes, waxes, gels and the like. Hello, confusing! This is probably the most important product (or products) to have in your pixie styling routine — where to begin?

For my styling needs right now, I’m sticking to a natural sculpting paste and a low-hold pomade. I’m keeping it tame with some piece-y texture in the front and a bit of slickness, but I have to be careful about not getting too much product in my baby-fine hair. Next agent to add will be gel for that sleek, sexy look, so please do send your recommendations for a natural, strong-hold gel!

  • Yarok Feed Your Do Styling Whip: I’m glad I got this in a recent Goodebox! The sample size is more than enough for a while, and the ingredients — shea butter, natural carrier oils and lovely EOs — are the cleanest of the bunch I’m sharing with you today. I’m definitely a fan of Yarok (remember this stuff?) and appreciate that they offer smaller sizes at affordable prices for testing. I do wish, though, that they had a few more styling options, like a great wax or gel.
  • Bumble & bumble SemisumoI picked this up post-cut (at my new salon, Hairpins, where I followed my stylist) because I felt the need to walk away with something to help me figure out my new style. Again, B&b isn’t exactly a natural brand, but a quick glance through the ingredients list shows that the main components of this light pomade are microcrystalline wax, canola oil, coconut oil and beeswax, which are low-hazard ingredients. That doesn’t discount a few other questionable ingredients, but again, I’ll pick my battles and continue researching cleaner options.

3. Hairspray

I’ve never been a big hairspray person. With long, layered hair most of my life, the only time I’ve ever needed to spray my mane was when it was curled or pulled back — two things I rarely ever did. Hairspray sales never appealed to me (I’ve got cans that have lasted sooooo long), but now, hairspray may become a regular product in my pixie cut styling. And that means I need to figure out how to not suffocate myself in smelly chemicals in an effort to achieve the perfect hold.

  • Davines N°7 Crystal Fixative Lacquer: It’s not natural by any means — but there aren’t many high-performance hairsprays that are. That said, I’m not sure how high of a performance I really need in a hairspray; my hair pretty much stays put, except for the longer front pieces, and I don’t want those to be lacquered stiff anyway. I may be more in the market for a finishing spray, which could yield greater natural results.

So, there it is. All of these hair products are working for me right now, but I’m also just on day three of figuring out this whole pixie haircut thing.

Between now and my next hair post (yes, I will not be obsessing over hair on the blog — skin care is my passion!), I’m hoping to try several other products and get recommendations from you on your favorite natural hair styling products — pixie or no pixie!

So can we start the conversation now? I’m eager to clean up my hair styling products!

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