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splurge skincare lip buttah

We’ve established this before, but to reiterate: I like lip stuff.

Balms, glosses, shines, conditioners — whatever you want to call the soft, smoothing stuff we smear on our lips, I like ’em. All of ’em.

Though I will pretty much give any lip stuff a try (my poor, overflowing beauty vanity proves this!), it’s only a few that I think about repeat-purchasing.

Why? Because, as we all know, lip balms greet us at every checkout line, online apothecary and the like, begging us to just “get an extra to toss in your bag” (or is that just me?).

Splurge Skincare is a new girl on the natural beauty block, and I really like the cutely named “lip buttahs” the company has to offer.

splurge skincare lip buttah

{Splurge Skincare sent me a sample of its Almond Lip Buttah, which retails for $7 for a 0.15-ounce tube. Photo Courtesy Splurge Skincare}

Created by two teachers in the Boston area, Splurge Skincare’s philosophy is rooted in the idea that you should be able to treat yourself to only the best every day.

If you’re like me, one product you probably use every day (maybe even multiple times a day!) is lip balm — or as Splurge Skincare calls it, lip buttah.

Splurge Skincare’s Almond Lip Buttah has found its way into my pocket, my purse and my makeup bag on several occasions during the past month, and I can’t get enough of it.

splurge skincare almond lip buttah

{I love the pretty green packaging on Splurge Skincare’s Almond Lip Buttah. The “Lip Buttah” font is also very fun and sassy!}

The light, subtly sweet scent of almond is evident during application, but it’s by no means overpowering. You just get a hint of almond — thanks to the combination of sweet and bitter almond oils — and a ultra-soft, thin application of moisture.

Here’s the full list of ingredients:

Babassu oil, organic cocoa butter, beeswax, sweet almond oil, organic castor oil, bitter almond essential oil, vitamin E

There’s something quite charming about this short, to-the-point ingredients list. You’ll see the usual suspects — cocoa butter, beeswax — but I’m very impressed with babassu oil as the first ingredient.

Babassu oil is a gorgeous, fatty acid-filled oil that hails from Brazil and could easily rival coconut oil. It’s incredibly moisturizing and wonderful for hair, skin and nails, but what I like a little more about babassu oil compared to coconut oil is that its a little faster absorbing.

I credit the babassu oil (combined with luxe moisturizers cocoa butter and beeswax) with giving Splurge Skincare’s Almond Lip Buttah that slicked-on, smooth feeling; it’s not too thick or heavy, and you really don’t feel like you have anything on your lips!

Beyond the ingredients in Splurge Skincare’s Lip Buttahs, I really like the packaging. In addition to the cute colors and design, I like the shape of the tube; the oval-shape makes it less likely to slip out of your pockets — but it may not save itself from falling out of a purse or makeup bag, depending on where you carry your 17 different lip balms.

Seriously, is this just me?

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