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sevani botanica seruma vitale essential nutrient oil

Facial oils that earn spots on my “top shelf” do something special for me and my skin — they’re reserved for nights, days, blemishes or special treats — something that allows them to stand out from the growing facial oil competition.

When I got a small sample of Sevani Botanica’s Vitale Essential Nutrient Oil, I was immediately taken with the old-world packaging (who knew you could make a cork that small?!).

sevani botanica seruma vitale essential nutrient oil

{Sheryl Lynn Gibbs of Sevani Botanica sent this adorable sample of Vitale Essential Nutrient Oil to me for review. A full-size of the oil, which is 1 ounce in a glass dropper bottle, retails for $75 (though it’s on sale right now for $65!).}

But, we all know that it’s what’s on the inside that counts, and this gorgeous oil gets a spot on my shelf because of its luxurious feel layered over its sister product, the C+ Resveratrol Elixir (reviewed here) for a deeply moisturizing evening of rest.

Typically, I use oils as the first layer on my skin, but before bed, when I’m working with my vitamin C treatment elixir, I like to have that powerhouse product closest to my skin and then follow with a light patting of Vitale Essential Nutrient Oil for added moisture.

This treatment style allows me to conserve this precious oil mix and prompts me to be a little more regular about using my vitamin C treatment on a regular basis.

Here’s what’s inside the Vitale Essential Nutrient Oil:

Olive Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Olive Squalane, Avocado Oil, Rosehip Oil, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Argan Nut Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Sea buckthorn Fruit Oil, Pomegranate Seed Oil, Natural Vitamin E, Essential Oils of Palmarosa, Patchouli, Lavender, Rosewood, Frankincense, Neroli

The essential oil mix at the end excites me because as an acne-prone girl, I’m always looking for antifungal ingredients (like lavender and frankincense) to help combat breakouts while still getting the much-needed moisture and nutrients from dense oils such as olive, grapeseed and avocado.

No matter what your skin type — oily, normal, dry or combination — Vitale Essential Nutrient Oil should be beneficial to your skin’s needs! It really does contain a well-edited mix of vitamin-, antioxidant- and fatty acid-rich oils to please almost any skin concern.

Oily and acne-prone skin can get away with using just one or two drops; dry skin will probably want a few extra drops to quench thirst and get the full benefit of the holistic ingredients.

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