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p'trique the platform beauty bag

It’s been a while since I’ve shared a “natural beauty buff” feature with you.

To kick off a brand new month — and beautiful weather to come — I’m sharing what’s inside fashion girl and style icon P’Trique’s beauty bag!

p'trique the platform beauty bag

{P’Trique is a fan of natural beauty products as well as DIY, but also keeps it real with us by sharing a few of his dirty little secrets.}

See what DIY, conventional and natural beauty products are inside P’Trique’s vintage Stella McCartney Clutch!

As usual, the starred items are ones I also use and love!

*1. Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist

“Some people like to use Evian spray to stay young in the face, but I like this. It smells like roses and supposedly, they got it from the Dead Sea. I always hydrate. I do one round with my eyes open, and then I do the next round with my eyes closed.”

2. Crisco

“When I need a little extra moisturizer in those dry winter months, I kick it up a notch. I use Crisco, shh. It’s best to apply right when you get out of the shower to lock in as much moisture as possible.”

3. Chanel Powder Blush in No. 55 In Love

“I only use a Chanel blush. I use No. 55 in love. I had one friend who had blush dysmorphia. She used way too much rouge! One time we had to stage an intervention and tell her, ‘Not cute!’.”

4. Homemade Chalk Highlighting Cream

“The next item in my beauty bag is a homemade secret from my great-great-great-grandmother Trique. She used to make it in old country. It’s chalk highlighting cream. All you need is your mortar and pestle; some chalk, like the kind you’d use on a blackboard at school; and pinot grigio wine vinegar. It’s best to make it fresh. Start with some chalk. Pulverize it. Grind it. Make it a thick paste. Apply it to the apples of your cheek and rub a little on your third eye for clarity.”

*5. Tarte Maracuja Divine Shine Lip Gloss in Blushing Bride

“Another key ingredient in my beauty bag is Tarte lip gloss. This is the best lip gloss since YSL discontinued their black lip lacquer. I used to think my favorite color was Russian Bride, but then I actually read it, it’s Blushing Bride. Maybe one day!”

6. Tresemme Hairspray

“OK so I’ve got a lot of product in there so there’s not a lot of room, but one item that’s totes ness is a little hairspray. Tresemme, Tresemme, ooh la la. I use it on my hair to tame those flyaways, but also after I’ve applied my makeup, I use it on my face. Set it and forget it!”

7. Assorted Perfumes and Fragrances

“As many of you know, I have a very strict scent regime. I like to use different scents on different body parts. I layer! On my wrists, I use Eternity Summer by Calvin Klein. On the back of my neck, I use Bvlgari Jasmin Noir. I unlock the secrets of Kelly Caleche Hermes on my belly button. On my underarms, I use Gucci by Gucci. I use a little Jo Malone English Pear and Freesia between my index finger and my thumb. It helps my power point. One of my biggest erogenous zones is my décolletage. I spritz a little Chloe there. Sniff, sniff, nibble, nibble, boys. Up the skirt spritz with Chance by Chanel. To top if all off, I put a little white truffle oil behind my ear. I use a cured pheasant’s claw to apply it. It brings all the boys to the yard, and then into your house, and then into your bedroom — shut the door, hello, privacy. And then, my signature finishing move is a mist walk through of Tom Ford Urban Musk.”

Happy April 1, friends! ;)

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