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may lindstrom skin the clean dirt

So remember last week when I asked you via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter what products you wanted to see on the blog next?

I heard you.

Yesterday I reviewed a luxurious body oil; today, I’m feeding you the delicious mud pie that is May Lindstrom Skin’s “The Clean Dirt.”

may lindstrom skin the clean dirt

{Model May Lindstrom is the brains and beauty behind artisanal skin care line May Lindstrom Skin.}

May Lindstrom Skin’s “The Clean Dirt” undoubtedly got the most response from you beauty fiends out there, and for good reason — who wouldn’t want to know what THIS woman does to stay naturally beautiful.

Yes, that beauty showing you how to use “The Clean Dirt” is miss May Lindstrom herself in her gorgeous, glowing skin.

These short, refreshing videos that accompany each product on her website capture the essence of her natural skin care line: A well-edited collection of pure, rich products packaged in stunning black glassware that you will be proud to display on your top shelf.

may lindstrom skin the clean dirt

{May sent me a bottle of “The Clean Dirt” to review. It retails for $60 for a 6.76-ounce black glass bottle.}

“The Clean Dirt” cleansing clay is a spicy blend of cleansing clays that smell of nutmeg, clove and cinnamon. It instantly evokes memories of baked goodies and home upon first sniff of the dry powder.

may lindstrom skin the clean dirt

{While $60 may seem like a lot for a cleansing clay, you have to remember that the bottle is filled with powder — you add the water before each application and get more of the good stuff in every bottle!}

Upon mixing the powder (use a teaspoon) with a few drops of water, the fragrance intensifies, but the powder also transforms itself into a bubbling, foaming mousse.

may lindstrom skin the clean dirt

{Can you see those tiny little bubbles? That activation comes from water! If you’re a bit drier, you can also use coconut oil for a gentler activation and scrub experience.}

This mousse, before adding water, contains the following:

White Halloysite Clay, Red Moroccan Rhassoul Clay, Red Alaea Sea Salt, Vitamin C, Sodium Bicarbonate, Organic Marshmallow Root, Organic Pink Rose, Organic Calendula Flower, Organic Cinnamon, Organic Nutmeg, Organic Clove, Organic Turmeric, Organic Ginger, Organic Vanilla Planifolia Bean, Fair Trade Raw Cacao

You can feel soft yet gritty little scrubbers as you massage “The Clean Dirt” on your face — you can likely thank the healing salts for this exfoliation.

The clays help draw out impurities without overdrying. I’ve yet to get that tight-faced feeling while using “The Clean Dirt,” even when I let this cleanser sit on my face for 10 minutes to deep clean my pores.

kimberlyloc tries may lindstrom skin the clean dirt

{Well, well, well. Who is this in her damp hair and robe enjoying a little May Lindstrom Skin “The Clean Dirt” in front of the camera?}

If you have extremely sensitive skin, you probably want to ease into using “The Clean Dirt.” This cleanser is extremely warming! My skin tingles upon application, and upon rinsing it off, is oh-so-soft. A thin layer of beauty oil is all I need after this cleanser.

That said, I reserve “The Clean Dirt” to about three times a week. I look to it as my exfoliation treatment ritual, and really take the time to massage my face before, during and after applying to increase blood flow and soothe stressed skin.

For what it’s worth, any inklings I’ve been having about splurging on a Clarisonic (am I the last beauty person to give that thing a try?) have been put to rest.

I’d rather indulge in skin chef May Lindstrom’s delicious mud pie made from clean dirt.

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