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african botanics marula firming botanical body oil

While I sing the praises of beauty oils all the time, you don’t often find me gushing over any specific body oil very often because I tend to keep it simple for my post-shower hydration.

Until now.

I’ve been testing a handful of luxurious body oils during the past month or so, and I’m thrilled to find some concoctions that are hydrating, quick to dry and smell oh-so-delicious.

One of my favorite new body oils is African Botanics Marula Firming Botanical Body Oil.

african botanics marula firming botanical body oil

{African Botanics sent me a bottle of its beautifully packaged Marula Firming Botanical Oil, which retails for $70 for a 3.58-ounce glass pump bottle. Photo Courtesy African Botanics}

African Botanics’ Marula Firming Botanical Body Oil is one of those oils that is perfect for a heavy-handed girl like me.

I tend to get more product than necessary in pretty much any situation (ahem, ice cream), but with this body oil, even at six pumps per leg, I’m never left overly drenched in oil.

This means that yes, after applying oil post-shower and toweling off a bit, I can easily slip into my skinnies without feeling like my legs are clinging to the denim a little too closely!

My skin eats up the fast-absorbing formula and is gently coated in this gorgeous light cream and tea scent that is pleasant for day or evening.

Here’s what makes up that amazing scent:

Marula essential oil, grape seed oil, green rooibos tea extract

So I know what you’re probably wondering: What’s up with marula oil?

Of all the exotic oils we talk about on the blog, marula oil is emerging as another major player in the beauty oil arena.

Native to South Africa, marula oil comes from the marula tree and contains powerful antioxidants and high concentrations of nutrients, minerals and essential fatty acids that help protect and heal the skin.

While I’m still experimenting with marula facial oils (from African Botanics and other brands), I must say that I am absolutely smitten with African Botanics Marula Firming Botanical Oil.

Its lightweight feel and alluring aroma combined with its effortlessly chic packaging make it one of the first body oils to reach my top shelf.

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